Lets get messy, with James Majesty

Be prepared to get messy with one of Dragula’s best loved queen from season two, it is of course James Majesty. Known for his innovative, creative sense of character on the show not to mention the sometimes bitchy nature which came with the show. We had the pleasure of meeting James on the London leg of the UK Dragula tour, and not only blown away by the performance but how incredibly lovable and fun he was to meet. Back in the UK for his one woman show ‘Messy’ this March, we got to talk Dragula, new music, and of course what we can expect from the upcoming show….so sit down perverts and enjoy.

Dragadventures: How did you get started in the world of drag and in particular the kind of drag that is more punk/shock then the traditional drag we see?

James Majesty: I started doing drag after discovering Season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race when I was only 15 years old. I quickly become obsessed with watching every season and following the queens religiously; to the point of trying to imitate and copy what I considered to be the “best”. I didn’t become punk  until I started to rebel against exactly what I had been inspired by. I started to notice a trend in American drag and I was falling right into the trap of what was considered popular instead of original. 

DA: For you who or what influences your type of drag? 

JM: RuPaul will always be one of my biggest influences, he paved a way for all of us. But my biggest influences have always been Andy Warhol, Kevin Aucoin, and Cher. They were all very in-tune with what makes them different and they showed me how to be proud of my uniqueness! 

DA:You did incredibly well in season two of Dragula, what made you apply and what were your expectations for the show?

JM: Thank you! I wanted to be a part of The Boulet Brothers Dragula because I wanted a platform to show off my design and makeup talents. I wasn’t really sure what to expect after seeing the first season; but I’m an adrenaline junkie and I love to compete so I would have agreed to anything, even playing a bitch! 

DA: What was your favourite challenge of the whole season, and do you keep in touch with anyone of the show? 

JM: My favorite challenge was the Sci-fi episode where we had to design an outfit that wasn’t necessarily “alien” but still out of this world and then give birth to an alien baby! From day one we all saw Victoria’s pregnant alien bodysuit she made at home, it was very intimating, I even congratulated her the day of because it seemed to fit the challenge too perfectly! But it was that pressure that made me try new design elements I’d never tried before and step out of my shell, I really enjoy being challenged! 

I keep in contact with Disaterina the most from the show. You wouldn’t know it at first, but my character is just as much as an illusion as hers and I think we really bonded because of that! Make sure to check out our new Music Video for our single “Get Off My Turf” debuting on YouTube & iTunes February 15th!  The video features some of our favorite Dragula S1 ghouls. 

DA: If you could repeat your time on the show, is there anything you would have done differently? 

JM: I think I would have been more authentic to myself. I really enjoy being a troll, I like to start shit and stir the pot, but by doing that viewers didn’t get the chance to know me as well as they needed to. There’s a lot more to me than being a talented beautiful bitch! 

DA: If you could design a Dragula challenge, what would it be?

JM: I have been DYING to design a challenge and every time I pitch this to the Boulet Brothers they look at me like they’ve never met me before; I want to remake their (Basic bitch/ scream queen) challenge as a 70’s horror-porno. The queens would have to write their own cheesy porn scene, with bad acting, a classic black leather couch and a climax that leads to murder! Talk about an orgasm that leaves the audience screaming! I of course would love to be a guest judge alongside my drag mother and infamous porn director Chi Chi LaRue! (Check our our song Zombie on iTunes) 

DA: We loved the album Pervert, where did the musical influences come from and who would you love to work with in the future? What’s your top 3 songs to listen to while getting ready?

JM: My first album isn’t meant to be taken seriously! I was very inspired by “Shoes” by Kelly and Jeffree Star. I started doing drag during the era of MySpace and I wanted to create a tribute to my adolescence! It’s a really fun album to perform, but not one you want your grandma to hear! If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest listening to “Yas God” while fucking…it’s the perfect Rhythm! 

DA: The U.K. witnessed how incredible you are live during the Dragula tour last autumn. How was it getting to meet the UK fans and performing to a passionate crowd of fans? 

JM: Thank you so much! I’ve toured the US many times and I always thought they were the best fans until the Dragula UK Tour. I felt on top of the world getting to entertain and make a mess of myself! UK Drag fans truly come out to see and support queens whereas in the US I feel like the audience is just as great but watching a show isn’t always their first priority.    

DA: Speaking of touring –  you have your brand new one woman show coming to the U.K. in March. How did the concept come about and what can fans expect? 

JM: Oh my god I’m SO excited to sample my MESSY tour in the UK this March! The first time I toured the UK was with Dragula and as amazing as that experience was I wanted to come back and really share myself with my fans there. I want to show everybody that I’m a funny bitch who doesn’t always take herself so seriously. Fans can expect to see a show that’s a little unconventional, comedy based, and tragic singing! It will be An evening of laughing at me, and digging deep into Dragula secrets! 

DA: Do you have any future projects we can get a sneak peek into? Will there be another Dragula tour in the U.K.?

JM: I’d love to be able to tour with Dragula again, but I know as much about a second tour as the fans know about season three!  

I’m really excited to be starting a makeup channel on YouTube later this year! It’s been a dream of mine since before I started drag but I’ve been waiting for the right time to share my art and techniques with the world! And if that’s not enough to tickle your taint, I’m releasing a new album in 2020, this album will be a whole new sound and full of bangers! 

If you want to get messy with James Majesty then tickets to the one woman show are still available here

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