Trixie Mattel – Skinny Legend

Travelling to The Enmore Theatre in Sydney last week to see Trixie Mattel’s new show ‘Skinny Legend’, I wasn’t expecting to leave a bigger fan than I came. I didn’t think it was even possible. Trixie Mattel is easily one of my all-time favourite drag queens; she’s extremely talented, creative, funny and hardworking. Since being introduced to her in All Stars 3 I’ve watched her seasons on repeat, listened to her albums, bought her merch and watched her Youtube show with Katya. Yet after watching her perform live, I found myself with even bigger appreciation and love for her.

Skinny Legend started the same way many a Rugirl shows do in Sydney; with the incredible, hilarious Aussie favourite Karen from Finance opening. Karen lip-synced to a drag mix that appropriately featured some Dolly Parton and a speech on sexism by former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard. It was a silly, funny and powerful performance that the audience lived for.

After this sickening opener from Karen and some general introductions, the main event began with Trixie taking to the stage in a stunning tasselled, cowboy inspired bodysuit. At this point people were so hyped up by Karen, that Trixie was greeted with a loud road of applause and cheering.

She kicked things off with a lip-sync that included a variety of hilarious excerpts, the funniest being Tammie Brown’s infamous video ‘Do you wanna know about the time I saw a dead body?’. After Trixie finished this she officially started the show, welcoming us all and making a disclaimer that true to her dark and at times inappropriate sense of humour, we would be crossing some lines. She stated that if anyone was bothered by this she didn’t care because she already had our money (cue song on this exact topic). Her opener set the fun, humorous, laid back tone for the rest of the show.

The main body of Skinny Legend was a mix of comedy and music; good, often inappropriate, jokes were told and some of her most well-known songs like ‘Little Sister’ and ‘Is Michael Cera hot?’ performed. Trixie also debuted a new song called ‘Yellow Cloud’, to be released in a few months. ‘Yellow Cloud’ was a softer, more heartfelt song, almost as good as her ethereal rendition of ‘Colours of the Wind’ on the clarinet.

However, it wasn’t just her belly-laughing comedy, sickening costumes or charming music performances that had me and the audience living for her. It was her interaction with us that really solidified the experience as one of the best I’ve had at a drag show. Trixie engaged with the audience frequently, talking directly at us, including us in the jokes and asking for our opinions on some of the newer, more American jokes we didn’t wholly get. It made me feel included in the show. I got the vibe that Trixie seemed just as happy to be there performing as we were watching her. The room responded to this and her whole stage presence well, cheering and clapping and laughing the entire night.

There’s just something so inviting, warm and captivating about Trixie live, that when she left the stage to a standing ovation I didn’t want it to be over. The person I had gone to the show with and all the people around me seemed to share the same sentiment; I think we would’ve gladly sat there the rest of the night, listening to her joke and sing.

Skinny Legend was an absolute ten out of ten experience. There wasn’t a moment throughout the whole night that I wasn’t fully entertained and enjoying myself. I’ve been to a fair share of drag shows at this point and Skinny Legend really stands out as one of the best. You can tell Trixie was made for the stage, for stand-up comedy and country music. She’s an exceptional performer. I left her show so happy and inspired, an even bigger fan with a whole new respect for her and her talents.

Written by Contributor Ashleigh House

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