A Night With The Current Reigning: Aquaria in Scotland (Slay! Show Review)

On Tuesday night, the city of Glasgow was treated to a night of Aquaria turning looks and being stunting pretty, rounding off her UK tour with Slay! Presents. Some of my favourite Glasgow queens Rujazzle, October Fist, and Lawrence Chaney supported this Glasgow show, and I knew it was going to be a night to remember. October Fist opened the show with a powerful performance of ‘All The Rage,’ Allie X, which I really enjoyed screaming along to.

Next up was Lawrence Chaney, with her number of iconic Gemma
Collins quotes mixed with ‘Girls’ by Rita Ora, ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga, and lines from SAW, an ode truly fitting for legend that is Gemma herself. Following on from this, Rujazzle performed one of my favourite mixes of hers, dedicated to America, mixing American Idiot and Party in the USA with clips of well-known moments of confused Americans, like South Carolina in Miss Teen USA, 2007’s creative answer of why a fifth of Americans couldn’t locate the US on a world map.

Later in the night, October performed Whitney classic ‘Its Not Right but It’s Okay,’ complete with dial-up modem high notes, Lawrence performed another iconic lipsync, and Rujazzle performed her Chicago ‘I Cant Do It Alone’ number, complete with the macarena and Gangnam style. I feel truly lucky to get to experience the talented and creative Glasgow drag scene regularly, and that night was no exception.

Aquarias’s show was split into three parts- fashion, movies and music. Opening the show performing her own song ‘Looks,’ sporting flower fashion realness and captivating the audience with her movements across the stage, she started the night as she meant to go on. In the movies section,
Aquaria portrayed Birdbox,’ lipsyncing to Kim Petras’ ‘Close Your Eyes’ as she lifted a cardboard box off her head and paid tribute to Sandra Bullock’s performance, guiding the dolls in her hands to safety. There was also a passionate performance of ‘Shallow’ by Aquaria, bringing audience
members onstage to sing Bradley Cooper’s part, as well as Queen classic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ with Aquaria getting the whole room to clap around as she completed her reveal and dazzled the stage.

Lastly, for the music section, Aquaria performed her song ‘Burn Rubber,’ as well as Kim Petras’ ‘Heart to Break,’ in a stunning combo of neon pink suit jacket, and matching neon pink wig, a perfect way to end the show as it showcased Aquaria’s powerful performance abilities. Overall, Aquaria’s Glasgow show was unforgettable, and highlighted Aquaria’s skill in performing her high-energy, captivating numbers with flawless execution, as well as her comedy in the Birdbox number, and in her personality throughout the show talking to the audience. As quite an intimate show, it really felt like we saw the best of Aquaria as our current reigning, and I cannot wait for her to come back!

Written By Contributor Iona Tyler

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