Ashleigh House

Ashleigh first wrote for Drag Adventures in 2018, reviewing the annual Halloween Sickening Ball in Sydney. Since then she has written several drag show reviews and topical pieces for our site. When she’s not writing for us about Drag and LGBTQ issues, Ashleigh can be found at a variety of Drag Shows in Sydney, reading on the beach, studying Writing and Publishing at Newcastle University and working hard to be the next Shonda Rhimes.

What’s the story behind the chosen photo:

My younger brother has such a good eye for photography and we had a little garden photoshoot one day, for him to practice and for me to get some photos to put on Instagram. I really like this photo because I’m in an outfit that encapsulates my grunge style and the way he shot it, especially the sun and lighting, looks so good in my opinion. Then again, I’m a proud and totally biased older sister.

Fave Ru Girl:

I have so many favourites, all for different reasons. I love Alaska for her unapologetic big ambition and hard work. I love Willam because she’s hilarious, doesn’t care what other people think, is super confident and hugely talented. I could go on forever about my love for other Ru girls like Jinkx, Katya, Trixie and Adore, however my most favourite Drag Queen is Sharon Needles. The way she changed Drag Race, showing a whole other side to drag that some people may not have been aware of, still slays me. She completely marches to the beat of her own drum and has a spooky aesthetic I live for. Jinkx says she probably wouldn’t have auditioned for Drag Race if Sharon hadn’t of won the year before. So we have that to thank her for too!

Fave local queens people must check out:

I’m a firm believer that Australia has some of the best Drag Queens in the world. Maxi Shield is a Sydney based Drag Queen who is hilarious and stunning. Karen from Finance, Art Simone and Vanity are all incredible too. I would recommend checking them out!

Fave RPDR season and why:

It’s a tie between Season 4 and 5 as they introduced me to Sharon, Alaska and Willam. Both were very creative and high drama. What more do you want from a season of Drag Race?

Best drag m&g memory:

I have never been to a Meet and Greet! The horror! Mainly because they usually cost a lot more and I am a poor University Student.

What do you do in your ‘Non- Drag’ life?

When I’m not at drag shows or binge watching Netflix, I spend most of my time writing, reading, studying and going to work. Incredibly exciting stuff.  

Why you love drag:

My Best Friend introduced me to drag at a confusing and ugly time, when I had just finished high school and was about to turn 19. It had a massive impact on me. It showed me successful, happy people living their best lives; wearing what they want, loving who they want, being super creative, funny and not caring what other people thought. It encouraged me to do the same and because of Drag I embraced all my oddities. I am now more myself and more confident. Drag is so creative and expressive and as a creative person myself, I feel at home at a drag show.

What awful movie do you love?

I hate how much I enjoy watching Twilight films. They are pretty cringey and terribly made but I live.

What topic could you talk hours about?

Drag, Harry Potter, Horror, LGBTQ and Women’s issues.

How you met the DA girls:

I found them on Instagram and asked if I could write for them. The rest is history!