Jen Mcanally

Jen’s natural habitat is a pop-punk concert but can also be found the front row of a drag show; her vastly different interests can probably be put down to her being a Gemini (as she likes to tell everyone). Her favorite queen is our new current reigning, Trixie Mattel, but enjoys drag in all its forms and has even recently begun exploring her own drag persona. As Drag Adventures (self-appointed) Glasgow reporter, she will be photographing, writing, and hopefully interviewing queens as they pass through Scotland.

Get to know Jen:


What’s the story behind the chosen photo
This is my favourite drag look I have produced so far and it’s hopefully first in a series of looks I’m planning to do inspired my my favourite band’s new album! 

Fave Ru Girl: 
This is a difficult one! I absolutely adore and am majorly inspired by Aja but Trixie is my one true love.

Fave Scottish local queens people must check out: 
Rujazzle, Ann Phentermine, and Bruise (who I’ve not managed to see perform yet sadly)!

Fave RPDR season and why: 
I think season six is such an interesting season because of how majorly it blew up and brought Drag Race into the mainstream but season nine had some of the best challenges (except from the whole Meghan Trainor on the judging panel, still makes me shudder when I remember it) and such a strong cast!

Best drag m&g memory: 
I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many drag performers that I love and admire but my favourite so far was meeting Gia Gunn and Laganja Estranja, it was my first time meeting any Drag Race alumni and they made me feel so comfortable! They loved the pins and patches on my jacket and made the experience so memorable.

What’s the most disgusting sounding word in the English language?
I hate the word ‘skewer’. Just hate it.

Why do you love drag?
Drag is just fun. It can be whatever you want it to be, sad, happy, hopeful, angry. Anyone can do drag in ANY way! I’ve found it as the perfect outlet to be more feminine (something I always struggled with, growing up a tomboy who hated wearing skirts or dresses), to me, it’s the perfect way to live and express those parts of yourself that hide every day. Everyone I’ve met through drag has the same passion and fire for our community and that is what I find the most beautiful. Drag Race is not the be all and end all of drag and it’s so important to keep that in mind!

What do you think you do 90% better than other people?
Being painfully mediocre at everything. Also, I’m the best at being awful at maths!

What do you do in your non-drag life 
When I’m not doing drag related stuff, I’m either working in possibly the smallest Sainsbury’s shop in Scotland or travelling to see my favourite band As It Is. I do a fair amount of photographing and writing in general and enjoy playing guitar, bass, and ukulele (badly) as well. I’m an emo girl at heart and grew up with rock and pop punk which has influenced my own drag immensely!

How you met the DA girls: 
I believe I found Drag Adventures on Instagram? Can’t be sure but I remember seeing the girls were looking for contributors and since I had just left the last online publication I worked for, I was looking for a new outlet and I am so glad I sent that first email!






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