Soph is the latest addition to the DragAdventures team and is best described as ‘real life barbie princess’. When she’s not writing for us, she produces stunning covers of her favorite Trixie Mattel songs, attends music festivals or hangs out with friends. Make sure to read her new series “Sophie’s Songs”, which will be published twice a month on Mondays. #DAMusicMondays

What’s the story behind the chosen photo: It’s from day one of dragworld 2018 and was a bit of a Barbie inspired look. My shorts had barbie written across the bum in big pink letters & I had the most ridiculous pink sparkly heart-shaped sunglasses. I chose it because it reflects what the inside of my brain looks like – a lot of pink glitter!

Fave Ru Girl: It has to be Trixie. I think everyone would be surprised if I said anyone else. She’s a huge musical inspiration for me & I love everything she does.

Fave local queens people must check out: I’ve seen one of my local queens, Jade Justine, a couple of times and if you are into musical theatre and Disney she is the queen to see! Although they’re not local to me I do also love Crystal Lubrikunt & Cheryl Hole!

Fave RPDR season and why: I think it’s probably the 5th season because Jinkx was the first Queen I really connected with.

Best drag m&g memory: I haven’t had many m&gs but Jujubee calling me and my friend Em real life barbie princesses was particularly cute! Oh and Cheryl Hole saying something I cannot repeat and making me cry laugh!

What do you do in your ‘Non- Drag’ life? Think about how much I want to rescue all of the dogs! Ok serious answer (although I am serious about dogs) – I work for a charity. I also do a bit of animal rights activism & play a LOT of guitar.

Why you love drag: Drag combines a lot of my favourite things – comedy, theatre, music, makeup! When I discovered it, it just made sense to fall in love with. I feel like a more confident person when I’m with people at drag shows or I’m talking about drag.

If you only could listen to three songs for the rest of your life which ones and why? Carole King – Where You Lead. It’s the theme tune to one of my favourite shows ‘Gilmore Girls’ and reminds me of my mum. Trixie Mattel – The Well. It’s my favourite off One Stone and Trixie said nice things about my cover of it so it HAD to feature. Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow. I love country music and Kacey is one of my favourite artists. This song is all about doing what’s best for you and I love that.

What’s the best show outside of drag you’ve been to? Hamilton or everybody’s talking about Jamie (although that might be cheating because it’s about drag!)

What awful movie do you love? Angus, thongs & perfect snogging – it’s so bad but it’s my guilty pleasure!

What topic could you talk hours about? Drag! But also dogs.

How you met the DA girls: Yes! At DragworldUK and it was very cute, and knew them through other people too.

Check out Soph’s Social media’s below to see photos of dogs, and drag covers:

Instagram: @sophingtheweb

Twitter: @sophingtheweb