R.I.P UNHhhh…Hello The Trixie And Katya Show

Last week saw the loss of a beloved YouTube series. UNHhhh which started just over two years ago has flourished into a must watch web series every week. The last episode 68 ‘Goodbye Barbara’ saw the queens recap their own favorite highlights from the show. Lines that are now often catchphrases from the show…’oh honey’ … More R.I.P UNHhhh…Hello The Trixie And Katya Show

Adore in Argentina

Today’s post is from contributor Ceci (Twitter: @chechuz). Ceci resides in Argentina and saw Adore perform for the first time in Buenos Aires.  She provides us not only with a first-hand recap of Adore’s first gig on Argentinian ground but beautiful photos and videos which you can find in this article and on YouTube. Also, … More Adore in Argentina