The Adore Effect

It’s been eleven days since we got to witness Adore Delano celebrating her 28th birtday at Revenge in Brighton and the “we-miss-Adore”-feeling is hitting hard, even if she has hinted more than once about her coming back to the UK sooner than expected.

On this blog, our readers had the chance to relive our first time meeting Adore with us (if you haven’t read it, there is two articles about the whole experience) and now, we’ve decided it’s time for some more Adore content (because let’s face it – we all love Miss Delano).

This time, we got some of our  Twitter Adoriverse members who went to the Birthday Tour to talk about their experiences and share some M&G pictures (cuteness alert!).  On top of that, we get to share some very personal descriptions of the influence Adore Delano has on so many lives around the world, a thing which we call “The Adore Effect”.

First of all, we would like to present to you one of Adore’s most dedicated fans who met her four (yes, that’s right) times during her UK Tour. We like to joke and say that Maddie (@MadeleineAinger) basically went on tour with Adore!


Next up, we have Louie (@HodgsonLouie) who shared her Birthday Tour story via Twitter. It’s probably the cutest one we’ve read on here, even if it involves broken bones and crazy fans.

Me and my friend took an early train to Liverpool, where we met up with a friend and she took us to her Uni flat were we were staying. Later, we met up with my homie Hattie and it was amazing, she ran at me and hugged me and I was emotional . After that, we started to get ready for Adore. Actually, my friend had a conversation with Danny on grindr while we were getting ready for the gig . When  we were ready, we took a taxi to Hangar 34. After about an hour of queueing and meeting some amazing people in the queue, we were let in the venue for the meet and greet.


And then about 30 mins of nervously waiting, Adore came out – and oh my goodness she looked amazing! And she used her normal hair! After 10 mins of getting really nervous.. it was time.. I heard a ‘come here to me babe’ and I walked over and fell into her open arms! She greeted me with ‘hey beautiful’ and we spoke about normal stuff like how are you, how’s the UK for you and it was lovely until.. she recognised me after the conversation.. she was like ‘OMG I know you from somewhere’ and I replied ‘I’m Louie from DXP’ and she was like ‘OMG I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! I love you bae’ and I replied ‘I love you too’ and then I mentioned that she had spoken to my friend on grindr and she replied with ‘omg I did, where is he, did I send him nudes!?’ And I was like I don’t think you did!! And she said enjoy the show baby, and gave me a massive hug!

After that, we went and waited for the concert to begin. After performances from UK queens, for example an amazing performance from Divina de Campo, it was time for Adore to come on.  She sang Whole Nine Yards, 27 club, Princess Cut, Pretty Boys Cry and I adore you (the acoustic version).


BUT. During Princess Cut, Adore noticed that I was singing my heart out and she came over put her hand out to me and sang to me. Unfortunately, this attracted 15 other people that basically jumped on me, making me fall in a way I got crushed and had a panic attack. (Editor’s Note: Please don’t ever be one of these crazy fans, let’s just enjoy the gig and be happy for each other!)

The day after the show I was fine, my friend had spoken to Danny more on grindr and he actually invited us to Manchester with him! But we couldn’t! Still, it was an absolutely amazing show and I love Adore so much.

Hattie (@olivedelano) shared her M&G photo with us.

hattie olivedelano

Erin (@Walkingdeadling) lives in the South of England, but couldn’t go to any of the dates there, because she’s not 18 yet. So this one got a coach all the way up North to Nottingham and met Adore for the second time, shortly after getting to hug our favourite mermaid at Dragworld. If you’ve ever wondered about the Adore Effect, have a read on what Erin said about the influence of Adore on her personal life:

The community Adore has built isn’t just a fan base but an escape for so many of us. Whether its because we have no one to turn to or because its not safe for us to be openly lgbtq+ outside of the Adore fandom.

The way Adore is so appreciative for us all and the way we all return that love is a truly special bond. Whenever I have to come home from a hard day of the harsh reality of life, I know Adore is someone I can always turn to even if she doesnt realise it.

The way she talks about gender is so helpful and inspiring. Drag is the most beautiful art in the world to me and I wouldn’t of even discovered its full capacity if it wasnt for finding her. Coming online to a place where Adore has worked for where I can be myself and be praised for it is one of my few strands of hope in life. Adore Delano is the light we wish for.

So, when it came to meeting her I was completely captivated by her energy. She never fails to match the level of enthusiasm her fans have at m&gs, making it truly outstanding for everyone lucky enough to get that opportunity. Her loveable and goofy personality is something we all fall for and she’s no different when you’re face to face.

In fact the first thing that happened when it was my turn was she had to pause to take a bra off. Something that never fails to amaze me is how loving she is. She isnt afraid to hug her fans and actually give them something to remember. From talking about the music that comes from her soul to talking about food, her passion is never lacking!

Suraya (@surayaseonaid)


Adore has fully influenced my life for the better. I’m not scared to be myself and I now feel like it’s okay to not fit in with the crowd. Seeing both Danny and Adore stand up for important things, which not everyone else dares to do, has really inspired me to step up for what I believe in, no matter if it means standing alone. I owe my life to Adore and i love them and will continue to until the day I die.

So there we have it, pure evidence and proof that Adore Delano has a positive effect on all her fans. Drag race and Drag Queens are more than entertainment to many they have brought them new friends, happiness, and the confidence to be themselves.