Capture.JPGMeet our contributor Iona from Scotland – we talk about fave queens, the power of drag and she gives us a little sneak peek in her off-drag life!

What’s the story behind the chose photo: It’s from when I met Rujazzle and Lawrence Chaney at Dragworld this year, I love that photo because it was so nice to have a wee chat with them that day, was a great ending to the weekend!


Fave Ru Girl: I have so much love in my wee heart for so many of them, but my fave is probably Trixie. Her music really means a lot to me, and she always puts on a great show! That was a difficult decision, (shoutouts to Courtney, Shea, Aja, and Sasha)

Fave local Scottish queens people must check out: Scotland has an amazing drag scene! Rujazzle, October Fist, Ann Phetamine, Lawrence Chaney and Alana Duvey are my faves to see perform, always blown away by their talent.

Fave RPDR season and why: My favourite season is probably season five, it was the first season I ever watched (I’ve since gone back and watched the first few though) and I fell in love instantly, it was from watching season five that I really discovered drag and what it was all about.

Best drag m&g memory: Ooh a hard question again! I feel particularly fortunate that I’ve had the chance to meet quite a few drag performers, but my best m&g memory is when I met Sasha, she was the first Rugirl I met, I was a bag of nerves beforehand but she was so sweet that she immediately put me at ease. Also, she complimented my glasses and I promptly told her that they were from Specsavers, which I don’t think they have in America, so she was probably slightly bemused, which my friend and I found quite funny afterward.

What do you do in your ‘Non-Drag’ life?: I’m halfway through my undergraduate degree in history, so if I’m not at a drag show, you can probably find me in the Uni library crying a little bit and drinking copious amounts of Irn Bru. I enjoy writing occasionally for the uni magazine and I love going to see musicals and pretending I’m good at pottery painting.

Why you love drag: I’ve always been a lover of things that were arty and different at their core, so when I discovered drag I knew that I was suddenly aware of something great. From Drag Race I discovered the drag which exists outside the show, and I’m so glad the show served as the gateway to such an amazing scene! I also love drag because I feel like it introduced a bit more sparkle and confidence into my life and also wardrobe which I always strayed away from before- glittery docs are a staple of my outfits now.

Most memorable drag show you’ve been to: Definitely Trixie’s Now With Moving Parts show in Glasgow from January this year. Getting to meet my favourite queen and see her perform twice in one night was such a great night and I’m not sure I’ll ever be over it.

What awful movie do you love? I love an awful movie, they are one of the best things on this planet! Definitely A Cinderella Story, which I was obsessed with when I was younger but is definitely cheesy now.

What do you think you do 90% better than other people? I’m pretty good at burning everything when I’m cooking, as well as slowly but surely making sure most of my friends become drag fans!

What topic could you talk hours about? Probably Louis Theroux or musicals! I saw Gilda Wabbit lipsync to Satisfied on Twitter and it made my entire week.

How you met the DA girls: I wrote a post for them about my experience at Trixie’s Glasgow show a wee while ago now, and kept going from there! Writing and drag are two of my favourite things, and being a contributor has been great so far, can’t wait to see what the future holds!