Meet Dragula’s biggest supermonster fan….

Kelly Irvine is without a doubt one of the biggest Dragula fans around, constantly supporting all the girls from both seasons, she encouraged a tour pretty much every day on social media. Each day a tweet would suggest who to bring to the UK etc well the moment she’d be waiting for finally happened when this September the Dragula tour rocked up to the UK for eight dates with promoter Slay! presents. So did the tour live up to Kelly’s expectations? Read on…..

I’d known of the Boulet Brothers work prior to Dragula and so when it was announced that there as going to be a show I couldn’t wait. It was just so intriguing. As soon as I watched the first episode I was hooked! There was drag! There was horror! It was just like nothing I’d ever seen before. This was a show full of people who wanted to showcase truly being whoever they wanted to be. And I was definitely going to stick around to see what on earth was going to happen next.


I was first introduced to drag at the age of seven when my dad let me watch Priscilla Queen of the desert. As a kid I was fascinated by these amazingly unique people on my TV, it was in no way weird to me that I was seeing men dressing as women. I continued to love/be fascinated by drag throughout my life but there were many years where I pretty much hid it from almost everyone through fear that I’d be looked at as a total weirdo! It wasn’t until about 2 years ago I started going to drag shows, my first being at AXM, some of the Trigger girls were performing and I realised that I should just embrace being me and be proud of my love for drag.


Dragula has been in my opinion so successful because it’s so obscure, so unpredictable and the contestants literally compete for their (show) life. But what the main appeal is that the show truly celebrates being whoever you want to be, you can be as much of a weirdo as you want to be as long as you are happy and you will be supported. Everyone’s interpretation is appreciated!

RuPaul’s Drag Race has done an amazing job for all those years of showcasing and helping to skyrocket the careers of so many amazingly talented Queens. When the show began there were some really weird and sometimes disgusting (chicken or what) tasks and it was great tv but over time the show has changed in a way to bring in a wider audience which is great for the viewability but some of what made the show really unique and niche was gone. Dragula came along and grabbed the attention of so many people for various reasons…previous Boulet Brothers fans, horror fans, those looking for something different and those who are just curious.

 No words can describe how happy I was when the tour was FINALLY announced. It was literally a dream come true…I’d spent so many days…weeks…months campaigning that when it was revealed it was happening I honestly couldn’t believe it! I cannot thank Slay Presents enough for booking the tour.

I was pretty excited for the show and knew it’d be like nothing else I’d ever see before but honestly, I in no way could have been prepared for just how AMAZING the show was!! Every one of them were just free on the stage and doing whatever they wanted to do and it was so great to see, you could feel the energy and passion behind it and it just made the whole thing more enjoyable. I didn’t expect to be spat on, covered in beer, pushed, grabbed, slapped, covered in fake blood or whipped in the face with a puppet! (laughing)

Abhora 1000% stole the show! I am a massive Victoria Black fan and was so sad when she was hospitalized and so couldn’t come to the tour. I was happy Abhora was coming but wasn’t thinking much about what performances I’d see …the minute I saw Abhora being carried onto the stage in Glasgow I knew what was coming but in no way was prepared for how absolutely outstanding it was!!


In Glasgow, my favourite memory was Vander Van Odd remembering me from us meeting in April and commenting on how excited I was and saying that my energy was amazing!! In Manchester when Abhora and James saw me and just grabbed me, hugged me and said how amazing it was to see me again!

Birmingham Biqtch just hugging me for the longest time and thanking me for the support…also ultimate memory was when I went to meet the Boulets and they asked me to wait around after the meet and greet to be filmed saying what Dragula means to me! I was so excited, honored and nervous!!

To be honest the entire tour for me was just a load of awesome memories and I met so many amazing fellow fans!!

If they could ALL come over again that would be a dream! However, if I had to pick a cast for Dragula 2.0 tour it would be: 

Boulet Brothers (obviously)

Victoria Elizabeth Black

Erika Klash

Felony Dodger

Biqtch Puddin





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