Party at the Monster Ball, Glasgow

After the success of the first tour, the Party Monster Ball was resurrected with a new lineup, and the first show happened to be Glasgow. Unaware of what to expect this time around, we were ushered into the meet and greet where all of our favourite fashion and art icons were ready with open arms to

For me personally, this had to be one of my favourite meet and greet experiences, however, some fans never managed to meet all of the queens… thankfully I was not one of them! My main inspiration for attending was Naomi Smalls, having bought a ticket for her solo show last year that got canceled, my nerves doubled waiting in her queue. But there was no need for me to be nervous as she was so sweet, and after telling her about the mixup with the Naomi pin I ordered a while back, she sent me up to the merchandise stand to pick up another one (also an excuse to catch up with Ann Phetamine who was in charge of the merch)! Pearl and Milk admired my dark makeup for the evening, a massive compliment considering how much my drag and art has been influenced by them.

Pork Chop was an absolute angel and icon and getting to meet her was so cool. We also spoke to London based queen Charity Kase who is insane and I absolutely live for that, even if their fake teeth kept getting caught in their hairy gloves… not a sentence I ever imagined writing. Probably my favourite interaction of the evening was meeting Imp Kid, I haven’t been following her online for that long but in that time, I completely fell in love with that wonderful human and having a conversation with her was the highlight of my night!

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The show started with a DJ set from Pearl, to be honest, it was a bit awkward at first, but as Pearl warmed up, the audience did too. Seeing her perform in that way was actually quite enlightening, and I suppose most of us who regularly attend shows have gotten used to queens performing the same mixes and doing death drops but in that moment, I had a realisation. Drag is subjective, it’s whatever you want it to be and you can do ANYTHING while you’re in drag, Pearl is a drag queen and a DJ, it’s only right that she combines those things!

After Pearl, we were greeted with a Shania Twain number from Milk, who was dressed head to toe in cow print (not brown cow, however). Naomi took to the stage next and even though I saw her perform on the Fishy Queens tour last year, she completely blew me away! Porkchop opted for a ballad, taking on Never Enough from The Greatest Showman that sped up and turned into a dance anthem, it was such a memorable performance and I could see everyone around grinning from ear to ear. Before a short interval, we were blessed with the presence of my favourite local girl, Ann Phetamine who kills it every single time I see her.

2018-09-12 12.43.39 1.jpg

The second part of the show included the Glasgow debut of the wonderful self-proclaimed trans fashion icon and pop star Imp Kid, performing Uberdaddy, Amanda Lepore, and Trashy Girls from her new EP, Magenta Agenda (available to stream here! If you ever get the chance to see Imp perform, please go and support this insanely talented and lovely human. I promise you will not regret it! Next up, Charity Kase who drew gasps from some audience members who had no idea what they were about to witness. I’ve yet to find another performer like Charity and watching them smash a plate of cream on their fake naked backside, pull out a bag full of fake butterflies, stomp on them, then pull off a bra to reveal crude comedic breasts, is really making that search difficult.

Thank you Klub Kids for touring the Party Monster Ball again, and I hope we get to see it again sometime soon, maybe with some Dragula queens (wink, wink)? Also, thank you, Naomi, for letting me pick up another pin, I absolutely adore it and will cherish it forever!

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Written by Contributor Jen Mcanally

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