Klubkids Roast Battles Review

Guest contributor Kelly went to the Scotland stop of the Klub Kids Roast Battles Tour and answers our most burning questions!

DA: What made you want to go to the comedy roast was there a particular queen you were excited to meet/see perform?

Kelly: There was a couple of reasons I decided to go to the Comedy Roast. I’d seen clips and reviews of the Roasts that some of these queens had done in America and I knew I had to take the opportunity to see it in person. Another was that Phi Phi O’Hara was part of the lineup and I absolutely LOVE Phi Phi, fantastic combination of being one of the sweetest and kindest people ever but also the ability to be a total bitch who could read you to filth. (Laughing) Also, Ross Mathews was in the lineup, I had to get the chance to meet him.

DA: Which show did you go to, was the audience a good participating crowd?

Kelly: I went to the Glasgow show of the tour, the entire audience was very much glued to the stage. There was constant laughing, gasping, cries of ‘oh shit she just went there’ and ‘are you allowed to say that’. Also, every queen that came out on that stage got the biggest cheer ever…fantastic atmosphere!

DA: Have you been to many Klub Kid shows before?

Kelly: I’ve been to LOADS of Klub Kids shows before, I’m always really impressed with the shows that they put on. In fact tomorrow (19/11) I fly out to Amsterdam for a wee holiday and whilst there I’m going to Klub Kids Aquaria Winners Tour show (ft Asia, Mayhem and Eureka), can’t wait to see the show!

DA: Who for you stood out the most and why?

Kelly: Thorgy Thor stood out the most for me as I wasn’t sure what to expect with how she’d be roasting other Queens. As soon as Thorgy was chosen to roast battle Bob I thought hmmm…this can’t go well for her but I can honestly say I was surprised, shocked and left in pain from laughing at what came out Thorgys mouth. Absolutely hilarious!

Also, Phi Phi and Ginger roasting each other and then tag teaming to roast Thorgy and Monet was comedy gold! Phi Phi and Ginger need their own duo show! (Laughing)

DA: Would you recommend the show/go again?

Kelly: I would highly recommend the show, it was absolutely hilarious! I’d have happily seen the show several more times, in fact, I actually considered going to the Newcastle date of the tour but due to work, I couldn’t make it.

DA: What shows do you think Klub Kids or other promoters should bring over in the new year?

Kelly: I’d love Klub Kids to bring the Monster Ball back (with Sasha touring all dates), also the Comedy Roast! Klub Kids have been fantastic at booking great non-RPDR hosts/artists for some of their bigger shows (Amanda Lepore, Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat, James St James, Ross Mathews) and if they could continue this I’d been over the moon.

On the note of other promoters, it’s probably no surprise to anyone but a show I want for 2019 is DRAGULA TOUR 2.0! And I heard that my favourite performer EVER Victoria Elizabeth Black and the rest of Black Haus are touring next year, if they could be booked for the UK I’d be the happiest person in the world!

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