Oh Honeyyyy…. They’re back, back again.

Rupauls Dragcon NYC was another huge success, especially for fans of Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova. The year has seen a rollercoaster of a time for everyone’s favourite duo, with Trixie winning All stars 3, Katya deciding to take a break from drag and their latest TV venture ‘The Trixie and Katya show’ on Viceland.

Fast forward to March, where we saw the return of Katya to social media and small appearances in drag. Her biggest appearance during the UK’s Dragworld convention in August.  All seemed right again for fans then came the announcement we had been waiting for, both Trixie and Katya would be moderating a panel together for the first time this year. Many speculated what the panel could be about with rumors of The Trixie and Katya show returning for a second series.

Saturday’s panel had fans together via social media patiently waiting to see what the ladies had to discuss. We were treated to what was possibly the best news we had all wanted to happen….. the return of UNHhhh! The popular Youtube series which to date has amassed over 2 million views will be returning to WOW presents + October 17th.

UNHhhh was beloved by so many for a variety of reasons, purely for the feeling of sitting watching two friends chat about the most random topics. Whilst fans were incredibly happy and proud the duo got a new show airing on TV, we all knew it perhaps wouldn’t be quite the same.

Viceland did a great job in making The Trixie and Katya show mixed with different cutaways with many enjoying the Brian and Brian segment asking the public questions on Hollywood Boulevard. Besides this, the editing was choppy, slightly scripted and didn’t allow their chemistry to flow the way UNHhhh did.

So with UNHhhh returning back into our lives, we asked fans: “What makes UNHhhh so great and what is their fave moment?” The responses…..

Big UNHhhh fan Steven declares that “My fav moment from the show is the episode where Trixie talks about the hook up she had with this guy that was really creepy still living at his dead parent’s house.


What I am the most excited about is them two just back together: just one of the best things on Earth.”

Reece Jackson makes a point of the sometimes wise sayings from past episodes “If you’ve got one leg in the past and the other in the future, you’re pissing on today” -Witty, wise and life advice? Here for it!


Patrick Weyland-Smith “UNHhhh is a unique YouTube show that both feels chaotic and yet crisp. The innovative lo-fi aesthetics mixed with the stream of consciousness and chemistry of its two stars is what makes it an oft-copied format now in YouTube serials. In terms of Drag, what is unique about UNHhhh is that as much as it owes its existence to the Drag Race Empire, it’s removed. You don’t need to have watched Drag Race to enjoy the show, something other WoW properties often have difficulty with. Its return to this format, its roots is a welcome for the two strange drag stars who have each had an intense past year.”

Drgadventure contributor Lu “Is just excited to have her jush back!”

Olivia Galván “I’m excited to have UNHhhh back because I love those two gorgeous biological women, obviously, but also because the show exemplifies the beauty of being yourself no matter how silly or kooky you be are, no matter what anyone else might think or say. I think that’s an important thing to remember, especially for anyone who even occasionally feels marginalized.”


Remy Leigh “I’m excited to have UNHhhh back because it’s one of the few things that has genuinely helped me through some of the lowest points in my life. It never fails to comfort me and make me laugh, even if I’m mid-depressive episode. I love Katya and Trixie so much and I have so much to owe them.”

Lindsay Hake “Seeing the two of them laugh at each other’s dumb jokes makes me so happy and makes me genuinely laugh in a way that no other show, no matter what platform, can.”

Katie “I’m excited because we get to hear the angelic sounds of Katya belching, and Trixie cackling! Also because the partnership between Katya and Trixie puts a smile on my face, they are relatable and their comic timing is platinum standard. Plus they have SO many stories to tell!”

Autumn Storm “I watch UNHhhh when I’m having an anxiety attack. It distracts me from the chaos with… Its own chaos lol. But seriously, it calms me the fuck down and brings light in when my brain gets dark.”


Ian Moné “I love UNHhhh because T&K are funny af and because they really look like they are enjoying themselves and that makes me enjoy the show even more, and gives me warm fuzzy happiest that they are enjoying spending time together.”

*Editors note* – Of course everyone has their own favourite episodes and moments. The majority outcome moment was ‘F**k my pussy with a rake mom” which deserves a special shout-out as one of the most memorable moments from the show.

From all the statements above it’s clear that for Trixie and Katya fans, UNHhhh is way more than a 15-minute episode. It helps to unwind from a long day of trials and tribulations and we feel reconnected watching two beloved idiots talking about anything and everything. Because it’s their show and not yours…… UNHhhh returns October 17th on Wow Presents Plus!


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