R.I.P UNHhhh…Hello The Trixie And Katya Show

Last week saw the loss of a beloved YouTube series. UNHhhh which started just over two years ago has flourished into a must watch web series every week. The last episode 68 ‘Goodbye Barbara’ saw the queens recap their own favorite highlights from the show. Lines that are now often catchphrases from the show…’oh honey’ anyone? Drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova brought the weirdest, funniest and now trademark catchphrases to the homes of many fans.


Photo Source: Youtube/WOWpresents

Now the hard work has paid off and they’ve finally and rightfully so been given their own programme ‘The Trixie And Katya show’ which aired on Viceland November 15th. This month saw the debut for the first episode ‘Hooking up’ and it’s safe to say its UNHhhh extended to 22 minutes. The show seems a tiny more structured with segments, games and even both queens out of drag on the streets of Hollywood involving the public.

UNHhhh brought fans together and made them feel like Katya and Trixie were their friends. So, to celebrate why we loved this remarkable web series and to show how iconic it has become, we’ve collected fans personal favorite one-liners and moments… because it’s our blog and not yours.

‘Oh Honeyyyy’

A catchphrase that will haunt Trixie Mattel for the rest of her days has become the go-to one-liner from UNHhhh. Asking fans their favorite lines from the show the response was staggering but to no surprise ‘Oh honey’ gathered the most response.




Csabi Farkas “Favorite catchphrase: HOOOOOOOOONNNEEEEEEEEY!!! 

Alongside Trixie’s banshee screaming ‘AHHHH’ it’s Katya who provides the weird and wacky one-liners and mind-boggling ramblings.

Dustin Conley “Fuck my pussy with a rake mom!!!”

Episodes 1-68

We saw the final episode debut last week ‘Episode 68’ Goodbye Barbara saw many recaps of their favorite liners and episodes. We took to the Trixya fan group on Facebook and was met by an overwhelming response to their favorite episodes. The majority listed as overall favorites were: thanksgiving, halloweenie,  porn oh honey and the most recent crying episode. Some however cant choose at all…Stefan Singer “I can’t decide which one…. So guess I would say… 1-68 are the best ones for me.” Sarah Barowski “My favorite UNHhhhh episode is ‘Crying’ because they managed to strike a perfect balance between being really funny, insightful, and heartfelt.”


Two Women…. being what they do best…being fabulous. Photo source: Youtube/WOWpresents


It is moments like these that warm the hearts of fans which Arielle sums up “My favorite episode is best of Trixie because it literally has all my favorite moments in it. Anything, where she laughs, makes me happy.” The last few episodes have provided us all with fantastic one-liners. The most popular explained by Noreen Curran “From ep 62 ‘Complex notes of fruit, floral and nut… in my butt? What?”

Thanksgiving…. Thankslivinggg

The Thanksgiving episode has become iconic for a number of reasons mainly the famous quote by Trixie “Oh Honey thanksgiving, oh honey thankslivinggg”. Elizabeth Espinoza “The Thanksgiving episode is one that I rewatch the most.” The episode then turns into a whirlwind of madness. Kris Saul “I personally LOVE the Thanksgiving episode! It’s just so fun and well edited! And Trixie in a turkey costume, that was amazing! ‘I don’t kill turkeys, I fuck ’em’! OH HONNNEYY.”


Something fans agree Maria Welch “My absolute favorite part is when Trixie asks, “IS THANKSGIVING ON A THURSDAY THIS YEAR”? and then Katya loses her shit then says, “IT ALWAYS IS. IT’S ALWAYS THE THIRD THURSDAY. OH GOD”  Of course, let’s not forget whenever Trixie and Katya proceed to talk in their white girl voices “Fresh Cranberries?”

PornOh Honey

Camryn Olivia Cook ‘The porn episode is one of my favs, I had to watch that at like half volume so if someone accidentally walked in it wouldn’t sound weird.’ Beth Dixon agrees on “Katya’s ‘concerned goat’ cry/moan during the porn episode truly gets me every time.”

tenor (1)


Halloweenie has become a traditional staple once October comes around, both discussing Halloween outfit past and present. The episode also led to one of the most popular Katya quotes which many fans love. Dustin Conle “ My favorite episode was the Halloween one! With my favorite catchphrase “Fuck my pussy with a rake mom!!!” and of course another noted by Jack Thomas Price “I’m a mountain biking witch from the future”

Episode 29: Halloweenie. Source Youtube/Wowpresents

Introducing to the stage….

Each episode opens with random but hilarious introductions to one another here are a small collection of favorites.

Ben Sullivan “Pretty much every one of their openers… “Hi, I’m that unwanted pregnancy your mum got from wiping back to front after a good fucking, Trixie Mattel!” 

Ian Moné “I’m the only sure fire way to disengage your temporal mandibular joint DOCTOR BITCHCRAAAAFT! I don’t know what, Let’s party! Katya.”


Dan Fittock “I’m the chemical burn from the spiral perm: Trixie Mattel”

Georgia Goetz “You’re going to die up there, Hi I’m Katya”

One Liners…’Care for a fucking?’

Of the back of the show, each fan, of course, has a memorable one-liner that is well quoted or incredibly loved.

Denise Rice-Carver  “By far, my favorite moment: Trixie: *laughs maniacally*
Katya: “What??”
Trixie: “I just really like you!”
(perhaps not verbatim, but the sentiment made my soul smile)”

Beth “Of the top of my head one of my favorite moments is Trixie talking about the 3 badges she got in Boy Scouts and she goes “basket weaving…stargazing….and rimming”

Zac Phillip “ Thank you for flying Christian Airlines. In the event of an emergency suck on a Capri Sun and know that this is God’s plan. For our in-flight meals today we will be having Fish ‘N Loaves. In the event of an emergency oxygen masks will fall down. And be sure to secure yours before the others, unless it’s a fetus, secure that one first.”

Vera Händel “Whose birthdays are it? and Katya calling the 90’s fairy spinning toys the gayest thing ever and loving every second of it.”


Karina Ascencio “Everytime Katya sucks on the rubber chicken”

Contact Moments

Whilst each episode can vary between wondering off topic, to rambles some of the episodes have provided some genuinely lovable moments and even personal there are a small collection of fan favorites. Sonja Popp:”I love the moments of Katya talking about her drug-past and all the things she’s done and all the people she knew who are dead now and Trixie just sitting across her looking extremely disturbed and shocked.”

The movie Contact went on to be the longest running joke with Katya and poor Trixie who could not bare anymore Contact references. Due to this, it led us to the now famous catchphrase loved by all including Sarah Perruzza “I will not Jodie Foster this kind of behaviour-I am yet to hear a better off-the-cuff pun than this one!”


For some it’s the wise words of Katya, Keaton Delmar Johns “I can’t pick a favorite moment; there’s too many. I would have to say the most defining, groundbreaking, revolutionary, and life-changing moment would obviously have to be ‘Fuck my pussy with a rake, mom.’ You can’t get any better than that.”

Alongside the now endless quotable one-liners, merchandise has now been made of the back of ‘thwoorping’, Christine Jannelle “When Katya throws her fan into space and it ‘thwoorp.” The thwoorp has become so popular fans were sold with the catchphrase emblazed and Dragcon and this year Dragworld selling out within the hour!

And finally what we love the most is the chemistry between the two, the genuine friendship radiates through the screen. Kelsey Jo Sunnygrove “I don’t know why it works so well but it totally does! Their chemistry is addictive. Trixie is genuinely funny and Katya is… also funny but more lovable.”

The next chapter…

Summed up perfectly and accurately by Lani Ortega Roque “‘UNHhhh isn’t just a web show series that you watch. UNHhhh is an organic comic relief that gives you, the viewer, something to raise your eyebrow at, something to laugh for, something that makes you go; “wait, what?” Often, their humor is gay referential at best- you cannot deny that once you’ve seen UNHhhh you will want to see another episode to see where this goes. Unlike other people, I was not an immediate fan of the whole concept of UNHhhh.

However, I do love Trixie- I saw her besties for cash with Katya and their Fashion Photo Ruview and I clicked on an UNHhhh episode, I ended up binge-watching all four episodes that were uploaded at the time. My life changed ever since I didn’t need to be a fan of Katya to like UNHhhh, but you know what? I proudly ended up liking Katya anyways.

UNHhhh is weird, it’s amazing, it’s hilarious, it’s beautiful, it is THE art of realism at it’s finest- despite the (sometimes unnecessary) over-the-top editing or the questionable opinions (Trixie with your mom can’t get pregnant rant), and it has clawed its way to every little Drag Race fans’ hearts- clawed because there is NO WAY it’ll be forgotten soon. So if you haven’t seen UNHhhh and you’re glad it ended, sucks for you, this show cured some people’s depression- it can cure your douche-ness too!’ The two of them keep saying they work so well because there’s no script, it’s not forced, and it’s organic- that is very true- obviously because you can watch bloopers and still feel like it’s another episode of the show.”


The Trixie and Katya show on Viceland. You go watch!


Trixie and Katya have some of the most dedicated fans and as a collective have a great fanbase for everyone to interact. The Trixya fan group page has contributed a great deal to this article.So if you aren’t apart of the fun then go join the family group on Facebook. And of course, don’t forget to catch The Trixie and Katya show on Viceland!

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