A Busty Beautiful Alien Barbie- Sasha Devaroe

Sasha Devaroe is one of the first queens I saw perform live and is the first queen I got to know as a person and not just a performer. Sasha has a distinct style the signature makeup, flawless outfits, the life she brings to the crowd when she’s performing. A 10-year veteran in the drag game, well known in California’s Central Valley and Bay Area, her onstage persona is fierce and fabulous. Behind the scenes, she’s a sweetheart who loves her fans, her friends, and her man! She’s also quick on her feet and cracks me up, and this interview was no different!  

Drag Adventures: What is your drag name and what is its origin? Did you have any previous drag names that you’re willing to share?

Sasha Devaroe: It’s been Sasha Devaroe since day one! It doesnt really have an origin it was me and a friend thinking of a drag name! He knew of the deverreux family in the east coast and thought of Blanche from golden girls! therefore Devaroe stuck! I spelled it the way it’s easier to pronounce……. it kinda worked (laughs)

DA: What was it that got you to start doing drag? Who are your drag inspirations?

SD: *sigh* it all started in Beauty School on Halloween! I wore a five-dollar Hannah Montana that I gave roots to with a sharpie! I paired with a polka dot flared shirt and some butterfly tights *Shudders* it wasn’t a total success but that’s why I pursued this career further because you don’t ever stop growing and learning! I have a lot of inspirations but the main ones I can list would be Jackie Beat and of course Ru Paul.

Capture.JPGDA: What was your experience breaking into the drag scene and finding opportunities to get bookings?

SD: I started with a friend who brought me into the drag scene and I was booked with him for a lot of events which brought me to become a bigheaded monster. I traveled to surrounding cities which had me meet a lot of queens and the joy of that is these queens I met were there to humble me and that’s what they didOnce I broke away from that friend/promoter I began to grow and finally found myself, and then I met my wonderful boyfriend Larry (who we all know and love).

He and I combined forces and Sasha started to grow. I was getting more local bookings but I felt stuck where I was at the time and then came another promoter (Ronnie). He first saw me performing and complimented on my wobbly heel he gave me my first booking in Sacramento, and the rest in drag history!

DA: Can you talk about shows you host/have hosted?

SD: I’ve had my own show before in Merced and I was approached by a person in the audience at a different venue, worked with what I was asking for and that show had a good run until the owner decided to sell. I do co-host a show in Sacramento at Sidetrax every third Sunday of the month with my friend and drag favorite Mahlae Balenciaga, but that’s the only hosting gig I have as of now and I enjoy it. 

DA: How would you describe your drag style?

SD: Busty Beautiful Alien Barbie. I like to stray different from others and give you the unexpected at all times. One main thing I love about performing is the fact that I can change someone’s life if you are having a hard day or a shitty week and while I’m performing you get lost and forget everything that’s bothering for that moment in time, then I have done my job. I do this for entertainment and the ability to release all my weekly stress from work and life and if me releasing all my tensions gives you life, then damn it let me give you life!!

DA: While preparing for a gig have you had a “fangirl” moment with any other queens who were booked alongside you?

SD: I’ve had plenty of Fangirl moments, but I always tell myself to keep cool calm and collected because there is nothing worse than having someone in the area where you are resting being all up in your mug and breathing down your back! (Laughs) My biggest Fan Girl moment would probably have to be Bianca Del Rio She was super sweet and a delight to work with!

DA: Is your drag persona different from who you are, and if so in what ways?

SD: Two different personas but not polar opposites, while I’m out of drag I am a little more quiet than usual I own David Allen Salon and do hair, so I can’t be all crazy and foul-mouthed while running a business because then I wouldn’t have one! (Laughs) I’ve learned to be more open while out of drag and not let myself have another life that is behind a mask.

DA: Do you fully tuck or use pantyhose and prayer?

SD: I wear 6 pairs of tights (4 pairs of nylons 1 pair of dance tights and 1 pair of fishnets!) I finish with a shaper and a corset, so when I do tuck I just use a small pair of chonies and tuck my junk up, I’ve used tape ONE time and that was the first and last time! Im not into self-torture SORRY BOUT IT! (laughs)

DA: If you do jumping splits how long did it take you to perfect the move?

SD: (laughing) I can do them but not as perfect as some other girls! I’ve never really practiced I just was performing one time and threw myself on the floor and prayed!

DA: Do you choreograph your routines or play it by ear?

SD: I’ve taken dance classes when I was younger, but at this point in time I imagine pretty much everything in my head and wish I can do everything I think of, haha! But once the music plays my brain switches and I play it all by ear! I have my moves that get the crowd moving but I’m not the hottest at teaching myself some choreography.

DA: Biggest pet peeve with audience members?

SD: My number 1 thing I cannot stand is when anyone thinks it’s alright to come up and touch me inappropriately just because I am dressed up. And just because you gave me a dollar also does not give you any go ahead. I despise when someone tries to perform the song in the crowd. Also STAY OFF YOUR PHONE unless you’re recording me, DUH! But if you don’t like me or another queen, don’t make it awkward and roll your eyes or stand there with a stank face, because, at the end of the day, 1) you’re still standing there watching me and 2) You’re the one who looks like boo boo the foo!

DA: If you were on RuPaul’s Drag Race what kind of challenge do you think you’d win? What kind of challenge would likely land you in the bottom?

SD: I think I would win the acting challenge because my ass is dramatic! And anything that has to do with music and singing. Sewing would land me in the bottom…I can sew I just don’t have the patience for it.


DA: Do you watch Dragula? If so what show would rather be on Dragula or Rupaul’s Drag Race?

SD: I like Both Dragula And Drag Race. I’d rather be on Drag Race for the simple fact that yes I can be a “Dark Monster Queen” but I am not shoving no needles or eating brains anytime soon!

DA: If you have/had a drag mother what is the most valuable thing she taught you?

SD: I’ve had Drag Advisors and Drag Mentors, Never a mother. If anything I’ve been taught to be humble and doesn’t ever get lost or lose yourself in this wonderful world of Drag.

DA: What’s the hardest part of doing drag for you?

SD: Figuring out music UGH, (Laughs) But all in all its never comfortable! My feet Hurt, Nails Hurt, Lashes Hurt, and Bobbi Pins are a bitch!

DA: What is your favorite part of doing drag?

SD: My favorite part of doing drag is the people I get to meet! I also love to see people smiling and having fun while I’m performing! If there is one person who is having a bad day and I can change that, then that means my job is a job well done! oh yeah, and the attention is great too! 

DA: Can you talk about a time when you had to overcome obstacles while trying to get into drag?

SD: Not waking up early enough to do my make up in the hotel so I had to do my make up in the car with a small ass mirror *rolls eyes* and also there was this one time I left my breastplate at home while I was in another city and I had to think hard and make titties out of bird seed and a good bra!


DA: Is there anything we haven’t touched on that you would like people to know about you?

SD: First Off #Equalpayforequalslay. Second Pay and Support Your Local Queens. Drag is not the only job I like to call it my side job! My main job is doing hair and running a businessI’m the proud owner of David Allen Salon and I’ve had it open now for 7 years! Other than that I’ve answered 100 questions by now that I feel like I can write a book! (Laughs)  pretentious right? (Laughing) In all honesty, I’m glad I did this! IM AN OPEN BOOK! but if I didn’t answer anything that you wanted to know and you see me out and about come up and say hi and spark a conversation! I’m always ready to talk!

If people wish to keep to date with all things Sasha Devaroe be sure to catch Sasha performing in Modesto, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, San Fransisco, and Fresno. Keep up to date with Sasha’s schedule and Events on all social media platforms:

Facebook: @sasha.devaroe



Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkk1jMfx5BpCz8LYCVmfTXQ

DA: I’ve also created a playlist on Youtube with videos I’ve recorded for you, Sasha https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFszIJ4a


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