DragWorld Weekend is finally here

Photo Source: Youtube

Drag world UK is shantaying its way to #London this summer. August 26-27th sees the UK hold its first drag convention with 10 RuPaul’s girl exclusives. The convention will take place at the Olympia Theatre Earls Court and will see a mass of drag fans of all ages come together and celebrate their love of being different, unique and, more importantly, accepted.

The weekend is set to have plenty of stalls with NYX cosmetics and GHD confirmed as the event’s sponsors. The latest stalls to be announced are vanity wigs to offer the best of the best for those looking to branch out and try drag, or to those simply looking to add to their growing collection.

The music panel looks set to be the most popular with a great line up of drag’s most successful artists. Sharon Needles, Alaska 5000, Ginger Minj and Adore Delano.

Adore released new album Whatever on 21st August a lot of speculation is growing for the album available to buy. The other hope amongst fans it that Adore performs new single Negative Nancy which will be a UK debut.

We here at DragAdventures have been waiting so long for this weekend, we’ve already met some fantastic people through drag. So this weekend finally being able to share a weekend with like-minded people is going to be unforgettable. This will be the first time a lot of us will see our favourite queens, this will also be the start of many shows to come for the both of us!

The journey begins tomorrow, and the site will be bombarded with pictures, stories and fangirling!

To read the rest of the going on’s of the convention and schedules have a read on:http://us.blastingnews.com/curiosities/2017/08/dragworld-is-shantaying-its-way-to-london-001954747.html  written by yours truly! Comment if you have stories or if you yourself are going to DragWorld see you there!

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