Our Fave Girl From Oz

Season 6 Queen Courtney Act took to the stage with her stunning show Girl from Oz along the Southbank. The show features as part of the Underbelly Festival which has been running since April. The show contains songs written and released by Aussie singers perhaps you never knew sang!

The show consisted of a medley of unexpected hits including Ac/DC’s Shook Me All Night Long, a Sia medley and of course songs from her own catalog of hits.

Courtney took to the stage in true showbiz fashion donning a pair of red glittery rollerskates. Acting as if she was a beginner on the skates, proceeding to tell jokes about her season 6 sisters. Of course, this whole sequence was well acted as this queen can do ANYTHING.

The audience was well looked after with a lot of interaction, the venue was ideal for a more intimate affair to witness in all her gorgeous glory. As with any queen, outfits are the staple look, this queen changed twice. However, during these outfit swaps the crowd were treated to videos educating on ‘How To Speak Aussie English.’



Not only is this queen incredibly talented but also considerate and kind to her fans. Meet and Greets have become a normal thing when attending drag shows for many attending.  However this meet and greet took place after the show, everyone had to leave the venue thus having to be moved outside. Courtney proceeded to carry out the meet and greet to the cold rainy streets of London but kept going until every last person had been met.

Courtney Act truly is our favorite queen from OZ.


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