Why DragWorld was a success

Whilst it took a long time to recover from what was a fantastic weekend, the Drag blues hit us both hard. But it was a resounding success, everyone had fun and we discovered how real Meet and Greet amneisa really is!

The UK saw its first ever Drag convention this weekend. Drag world sparkled and glittered its way to the Olympia Theatre on the 26th August. The event welcomed 10 Ru girls along with the debut of Haus of Piss and UK queen Meth. The sparkling affair was greeted with some skeptics from fans worried it would mirror the waiting lines seen from RuPaul’s Drag con. Concerns were in place regarding schedules organization and the success of the convention.

However, walking into the event being greeted by giant lights spelling out drag, you knew it was going to be a great day. Giant sparkly shoes, photo booths, lipstick structures greeted you transporting you to an oversized drag fantasy.
Each queen had their own booth, alongside various beauty stalls and wigs by vanity. Drag world was sponsored by NYX cosmetics alongside GHD.
Panels were held with fantastic line ups of queens that relate to the topic at hand. The first panel kicked off with a nonbinary panel, discussing the topic of gender. The questions asked were spot on and the queens gave answers that a lot of people could relate to.

Consisting of Jinkx Monsoon, Ben Dalecreme, Carmen Carrera and Violet Chacki. They all have a degree of reliability to the topic. Carmen herself competed in drag race as a man and has gone onto become transgender and advocate. Being discussed amongst many things was the importance of loving yourself and living for you.
The convention was a haven for people to come and enjoy. Finally, a place for people to feel safe who feel out of joint, a little weird or to make new friends who understand the love of drag.

Michelle Visage was on hand to deliver an outstanding keynote speech. Michelle is everyone’s drag mother and is so relatable that she got a huge welcoming of applause.
The music panel discussed the success of drag and could it become mainstream. The issue is the music is so good, however, it isn’t recognized nor taking seriously by the industry due to them being men in drag. For me, this was my personal highlight as the music produced by this group of queens is exceptional and people really are missing out on some seriously good tunes.

Adore Delano is making waves with new album Whatever. The third album released in August has become a success charting well on the iTunes chart, making the top 10 on the Alternative charts both in the UK and US. Billboard and Alt Press itemised it as must listen, reaching out to a larger audience of people.
Saturday was rounded up with a fantastic Drag Ball, the line-up had the most popular artists with a fantastic array of the catalogue. Sharon Needles kicked off the show with her two songs Dracula and Call Me on The Ouija Board, both extremely popular with fans. Sharon also gave an exclusive chat with Hey Qwueen detailing of her upcoming album battle-ax for release this September.

Violet Chachki was a resounding triumph teasing the crowd with a jaw-dropping burlesque act that was stunning. Jinkx Monsoon graced the stage with her theatrical songs and revealed her album Ginger Snapped will be released September. Fans have a lot of treats music wise this fall from the queens and are in their element.

The convention was such a success with many of the queens hailing the convention more organized than dragcon, with the meet and greets being well run. Meet and Greets have always been a tricky subject with some fans using them as a photo opportunity only. The queens want to interact with fans, not just for a photo feeling more like an object to boost the fans social media with likes.


Dragworld released on Monday a world map showing how many people had traveled to attend the convention. The figures were fantastic and have shown the true success of the event, teasers, and hints are being dropped for a 2018 event to take place.

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