‘Call Me By Monet’ Glasgow review

As a multi-talented New York queen, known for her comedy, Monet was already one of my favourites to keep up with from across the pond. When I saw that Slay were bringing her to Glasgow later in the year with her one-woman show, ‘Call Me By Monet,’ I immediately snapped up tickets- excited to see what the current reigning Miss Congeniality would do in a show of her own

I was delighted that Monet’s show was supported by one of my favourite queens, Rujazzle! Her high-energy numbers were suitably spooky for the season, including a mix that mashed up screams from iconic horror films with Will.i.am and Britney’s ‘Scream and Shout.’ After Ru brought the Halloween vibes, it was time for Monet’s one-woman show to begin.


Monet started the show as the meant to go on, with a mixture of comedy and singing, entering the room dramatically with her parody of  ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King. From this, she began to discuss the latest Drag Race finale, checking the allegiances of her audience and throwing some slight shade at her season 10 sisters. After discussing her life in New York, Monet performed a lipsync which mixed Bonnie McKee’s American Girl with iconic Miss America pageant lines. From this, Monet swapped to chatting about her time in Scotland, and her outlook on Glasgow.

Glasgow also received some of Monet’s musings on one of the most infamous drinks of Scottish culture, as an audience member bought her a shot of Buckfast, which she referred to as ‘the brown juice’ for the rest of the evening- I don’t think she was a fan. Monet also showed us her audition tapes for seasons eight to ten of Drag Race, and I thought this was a lovely way of highlighting her drag journey, on the way to where she is today. Finishing the show with an emotional rendition of ‘And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going,’ Monet’s performance left everyone applauding long after she left the stage.


Overall, an evening with Monet turned out to be as great as expected, highlighting her strengths in music as well as comedy. It was amazing to be able to get the chance to actually see Monet perform in real life, and now I can’t wait until she comes back. As a member of the recently announced AS4 cast, I am excited to see how she will continue to bring her talents, showcased both in her live shows and on Drag Race, to the All-Stars environment.

Written by Contributor Iona Tytler

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