Jinkx Monsoon: She Evil is here

Jinkx Monsoon winner of Rupauls Drag Race season five, released her long-awaited third album “Ginger Snapped” this January. The album showcases off Jinkx’s vocal strengths and plays to her theatrical storytelling songs.

Ginger Snapped
Third album Ginger Snapped. Photo Source: Instagram @thejinkx

The newly released music video for the wonderful “She Evil”  features guest vocals from B-52’s front man Fred Schneider, who previously collaborated with Jinkx as co-writer and vocalist on “The Bacon Shake,” from Monsoon’s 2014 debut, The Inevitable Album.  Talking to Billboard Monsoon talks how her and the fantastic musical partner Major Scales came up with the song to pay homage to the B-52’s: “Fred comes to pretty much every show we do in New York and he’s been a pretty big supporter of ours,” Monsoon shared. “He came to The Vaudevillians when we did it in New York five years ago and we’ve been pretty good friends with him ever since,” said Jinkx.

The video sees Jinkx channel her inner dominatrix taking inspiration from her favourite women performances within the industry, in particular, Madonna in “Human Nature.”

She Evil. Photo Source: PEG Entertainment.

The third album features fan favorites such as Cartoons and Vodka which the music video has now reached over 1.8 million views, which debuted last October during the UK tour Heels of Hell. Jinkx will be back in the UK this summer for Dragworld UK and will tour with Major Scales in the Autumn with “Ginger Snapped.”

Watch the brand new video for “She Evil” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVLaKo_bDtA

For more information or to see Jinkx perform “The Ginger Snapped” on tour, visit:www.jinkxmonsoon.com.

Listen to The Ginger Snapped on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-ginger-snapped/1326425527

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