A walk on the wild side with Kat Wilderness

This year saw stand out Florida Queen Kat Wilderness attend her very first year at Dragworld 2019, winning hearts of new fans and uniting with fans who long awaited to finally meet their Kick starting the weekend as surprise guest for the Dragball, the weekend became one big dream for Kat. With the audience reaction to her performance one thing was clear; the fans were going wild over Kat. We managed to grab a brief chat with the busy queen – we talked about her first Dragworld weekend, that dragball experience and her first trip out the United States!

DA: What was it like to perform in the UK for the first time? 

Kat Wilderness: It was a dream, it really was like a dream come true. I’ve only dreamt about performing in the UK, or anywhere that is outside of America. Literally yesterday was the first time I ever stepped foot outside of America and I’ll remember this weekend for the rest of my life. 

DA: How on earth do you have so much energy to perform such large numbers?

KW: You know, a lot of determination and Red Bull! (Laughs)

DA: What is the best thing about Dragworld?

KW: This is the first time I’ve ever been to Dragworld, but I will remember everything and I hope that they will have me back next year!

Follow Kat on all her social medias below:

Instagram: @katwilderness

Twitter: @Katwilderness

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