Rupauls Dragcon NYC 2018…

Another year done and dusted, been and gone. Dragcon LA saw thousands return to the convention way back in May, and New York was to be the same. The convention was jam-packed with runways and panels which saw the return of the beloved duo Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodichikova, the duo revealed UNHhhh which returned to Wow Presents on October 17th.

Whilst LA is prominently more popular with more queens in attendance, this didn’t stop the fun and frolics of the weekend creating magic for many fans.

For those attending there first ever Dragcon be sure to read this handy guide for first timers here.

The convention which reunites friends across social media, and creating brand new memories to cherish a lifetime. Below we have some of your favourite memories made across Dragcon years gone by.

Meet Brooke who flew all the way from Australia to have her special moment with Katya.

“So let me tell you about Katya because I have adored her for years. the first day I saw her, I was so nervous – she really helped me through a tough spot last year and I owe that to her.  My mum, sister and I walked in as a three and I went last because I just had to let it sink in. Mum knew what cologne she was wearing and she said ‘My daughter will love you even more now’ and she looked at me and I swear my heart fell through my ass. She gave me a big hug and we sat down. I handed her some presents I got for her ‘… I bought you a Russian red lip gloss for my favourite Russian whore, and a little Vaseline tin with your name printed on it – in Australia, we call it vaso’ and she said had never seen something like that before and looked at it with such interest and excitement it made my heart swell up.


We took our photo and I asked and if we could hold hands and she said of course, and my smile was so big my cheeks were sore. After taking the photo I turned back to her while still holding her hand and said ‘We came all the way from Australia to be here – mainly for you.’

She looked at me kinda shocked and said ‘No you did not!’ and I said ‘We did!’ I said I loved her and that I would see her next year in Sydney and Canberra for her one-woman show.

The second day I saw her, I walked in and said ‘I couldn’t stay away I just love you too much!’. My outfit showed a lot of my booty so I jokingly modeled it for her and turned around and showed her my ass and she put her hand on her chest and pointed at me. I gave her another big hug and talked to her about the panel and how much I enjoyed it – then we took our little family portrait. Afterwards, I turned to her and said ‘I forgot to say to you, look after yourself okay? I love you’.


Katya kinda giggled and told me she would – then she signed my little lanyard for me (I told her I was gonna get the little heart she signs tattooed on me and she did the sweetest, neatest little heart) and she recorded a video for my friend back in Australia – where it was so funny and unexpected that whenever I laughed she smiled more and more.

We got up and waved goodbye, said I love you once more and blew some air kisses and walked out. I truly love her and she means the world to me, I’m on cloud nine.

The next story comes from Taylor, who met Katya in one of her very own gorgeous gowns. “The highlight of Drag Con for me had to be meeting Katya. I have such a similarly aligned sense of humor and the both of us have had our share of struggles so this meeting has felt like it’s been a long time coming. It was made even better by the fact that I got to meet them in Katya’s own dress I bought through their eBay sale! It was awesome to see Katya/Brian recognise it and they were every bit as kind and kooky as I had hoped!”


We love hearing all your stories, and can’t wait to hear all the fun from LA on May 24th.

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