An Evening with Miss Katya Zamolodchikova

Help Me I’m Dying, the stage production by the wonderful bisexual Russian whore Katya Zamolodchikova arrived in Brighton to a very enthusiastic crowd of admiring fans.

The stage show which was given life thanks to the huge kickstarter that started way back in 2017 allowed Katya to fulfill the vision she had for the one woman production. With one woman  shows becoming an ever growing trend within the drag industry, it was hard to predict what sort of set up we the fans would be getting.

Well it consisted of Russian lipsynching, beloved characters, Trixie Mattel, story telling, and the weird and wonderful. I myself have never seen Katya perform alone or had much luck getting to see my fave lady shine. However with the wait finally over it was 100% worth it, setting the scene the audience was treated to some Russian songs playing across the auditorium until the leading lady made her way onto the stage.

We all know that Katya for some reason or another has a strong passion for photoshopping her faces onto famous people or into strange scenarios. Coming out in the most stunning stoned cheerleader outfit lip syncing to current pop classics such as Ariana Grande’s Thank U Next (in Russian of course) the whole thing had confusion wrote across it but stayed true to the Zamo brand. Taking to the mic to tell stories of little Katya’s Russian childhood and her struggles into womanhood, it was great to see the character we all were introduced to many moons ago live and full of energy. The outfits throughout this segment for me were a highlight, stripping the cheerleader two piece to reveal a gorgeous lace bodysuit, stoned tights and what us fans love….her tattoos! Every inch the star paying a somewhat homage to her and Trixie’s loving friendship lip-syncing to ‘Without you’, and hilarious photoshopped photos in the background.

Instagram video by @dragchaser

The cutaway videos between characters was so creatively done with a wonderfully acted skit between the two Brians in a hamburger Mary’s with premonitions of a scary woman haunting Brian. We then see a flash of an old favorite character good ole Trish, walking sultry onstage and hearing the audience erupt it was clear they were loving every minute. Alongside story telling, audience participation was required seducing a very lucky selected man.

Seducing a lucky man. Instagram photo by @roisinn

For me it was the weirdest concoction of everything I love about Katya, the unapologeticness of being lovably weird fulfilling a passion what she’s always wanted do, getting to do comedic skits, brilliantly acted onscreen videos and the absolute love she has for the fans. The show is a must see, and as it makes its way through the UK, it will shimmy to Australia and back to the US. A must see for fans, and newcomers to the weird and wonderful world of Katya, an evening with Miss Zamolodchikova well spent, so благодарю вас Katya!

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