Bournemouth meets Skinny Legend….

The Skinny Legend Trixie Mattel made her debut appearance on the sunny shores of Bournemouth last month. The new one woman show which was sold out to an eager bunch of fans was everything and more than expected.

First of all let me start by saying Ru-girls never come to Bournemouth, there are local drag shows which ares held weekly at DYMK which has started bringing the dolls over. Of course Ru girls aren’t the be all and end of with regards to drag. However to have someone you adore and admire on your doorstep is a fantastic thing, the past two years I’ve travelled to countless shows across the UK and Ireland to see incredible shows.

So when Holy T announced they were branching out to new venues and locations I never thought Bournemouth would be on the map. Later in the year we have Adore Delano and Heels Of Hell coming to this tiny town.

It’s so great to see how local fans who haven’t been able to make shows further away due to various reasons finally meet their fave queen and the sheer happiness that filled the room during the m&g was fabulous.

Taking our seats in the front row, we were prepared for one hell of a show, and of course to be picked on- we were.

Kicking the show off was everyone’s favourite Irish lady Miss Victoria Secret, her hosting skills alone I could watch all day she always has the crowd in the palm of her hands. Besides the crowd participation, her Thank, U Next mix had the crowd cheering through things that need to go as such Male Misogyny etc

We were also introduced to Miss Blair who took us to church with you her can’t pray the gay away number….we LOVED her! Defintley one to watch with the amount of energy she produced.

Having Trixie make jokes on how to pronounce Bournemouth -Burnmouth ending up in just being dubbed Birdbox, we were taken on a journey with this woman we have lovingly dubbed Skinny Legend. The outfits were more sparkly, wizard sleevery then ever, with amazing lip sync mixes. My personal favourite was her singing Steve Buscemi eyes whilst playing a compilation of famous drag queens with….you guessed it Steve Buscemi eye. It was so dumb yet was so on brand at the same time, amongst risque jokes and not caring about being offensive Trixie then debuted what is now my fave new song. Declaring she doesn’t care what you think as ‘I already got you’re money.’

Second act began with her emerging in a stunning Native American outfit, of which she started by telling about cultural appropriation whilst proceeding to tell tales of her Native American background and family. What happened next I never thought I’d ever pay money to see. Trixie then proceeded to perform Pocahontas classic ‘Colours Of The Wind’…on clarinet. Yep, just when you think what the hell it really was followed with a dab on the end for good measure.

We were treated to new songs and rounded of nicely with a dedicated to song to the confusion of if Michael Cera was in fact hot or not. The crowd were involved from start to finish with onstage antics including Trixie proving can give a hug to people.

Once again Holy T put on another fantastic production of a show from the meet and greet, support acts and of course the main woman herself. If you ever get the chance to go to one of her shows then do it!

Overall this show was a must see for any Trixie fan, we all bully her for being dumb. But deep down we fans have a big pink sparkly heart bursting full of over how far she has come, achieved and how proud we are to be fans…even if she’s an egg we are all on the same level together.

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