It’s Cracker Time – Miz Cracker Show Review

Miz Cracker, a fan favourite contestant in season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. With her quick wit, incredible outfits and flawless make up, she cemented a high ranking place on the show. Who can forget her challenge winning makeover. There’s no denying this lady has talents!

Fans were distraught at her exit from the show but she has certainly capitalised on her popularity with a sold out UK tour. So what can we expect from this solo tour? Well we went to find out and made our way to the Glee Club in Birmingham to see what Miz Cracker has to offer!

We were lucky enough to grab a meet and greet which happened before the show and Miz Cracker greeted everyone with a hug! You could tell that her persona on the show was a true reputation of the real person with her gorgeous smile and warm nature.

It was so nice to see such a mixed crowd in the audience and when everyone had found their seats for this packed, sell out show, the show could begin.

Our hostess for the evening was the incredibly talented Victoria Secret. Dublin’s finest opened the the show with a show stopping lip sync to ‘crazy in love’ which really got the crowd well and truly warmed up and later on a topical but hilarious version of ‘Thank you, next’. If you’ve never seen this lady perform, make sure to hunt down one of her shows because this lady has the energy and stage presence to really light the fire!

We were also introduced to Manchester’s very own Jackie Love! Her lip syncs to ‘Shout’ and ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ (complete with naughty goat) were something to be witnessed and had the audience rolling in the aisles.

And then came the lady we were all waiting for – Miz Cracker! This lady is quite the fierce lip syncer and her show was peppered with various mashups to do with the topics she was talking about. It was amazing to see how intelligent and talented this lady was finding songs to compliment what she was talking about!

We had comedy, cartwheels and lots of running into the audience and she never once missed a beat. Her energy never wavered throughout. You can tell she’s worked hard at her craft and loves what she does.

The shows focus was knowing when to STOP the bullshit, and after hearing about this ladies life, you can see that this is something that Miz Cracker has worked tirelessly to do. She opened up about her demons and addictions and after each story and anecdote about one of the topics, be it booze, boys, money, or prescription drugs we had a lip sync themed to it.

Our conclusion was that when you cut out all this bullshit, it gives you focus and drive for the most important things. A great life lesson.

Cracker looked stunning throughout the evening wearing a baby pink leotard in the first half and and a baby blue jumpsuit in the second half. It really was a well thought out and seamlessly produced show. It was a shame that the show had to come to an end but the finale number of ‘symphony’ was a huge highlight and really left us leaving on a high!

Miz Cracker was a warm and lovely person and it was nice to see her so humble, thanking everyone for putting the show together and being so kind to Victoria Secret. You can tell they’ve built a bond on this tour and it shows and makes the show that more special to watch. She even teased of another show coming soon so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thank you so much to Holy T for bringing this incredible show to the UK. Holy T are one of the leading groups in bringing the Drag Race stars over and it’s a testament to their professionalism that they keep getting all the big stars.

Be sure to check out their future tours for Trixie Mattel and Adore Delano. For more information and tickets go to and keep your eyes peeled for their annual Heels of Hell tour (coming soon). It promises to be even bigger and better than last year!

Make sure to keep up to date with the queens & Holy T via their social media:

Miz Cracker- @miz_cracker

Holy T- @Holy_TEurope

Victoria Secret- @Victoria_Secret

Jackie Love- @jackiel46671625

Written by our own Nathan.

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