Making memories: Dragworld 2018

The first part of our Dragworld making memories segment was so full of love. We’re bringing part two which is jam packed of meet and greet memories, love and gorgeous photos.

Madz (@MADZ_Drag)

“Humbling, creative, FUN!”

Found out about Dragworld through social media and lots of her drag friends attended last years convention.

Fave moment: That’s such a hard one because I have so many amazing moments from that weekend! A highlight for me was having people actually come up to me and ask for pictures and telling me that they love my drag! I also loved meeting Phi Phi who gave me such kind words of encouragement. She is genuinely one of the nicest queens I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

New discovered talent: Yes absolutely! I met a lot of klub kids at the booth who I wasn’t as aware of before the event. One of my favourite new artists I discovered was a queen called @thegladysduffy on Instagram. They were so so kind and complimented me on my makeup! I definitely would like to see them perform when I get the chance!

The weekend summed up: Dragworld was such an incredible, overwhelming experience for me. It was so refreshing to see such a diverse community of individuals from all walks of life come together to celebrate the art of drag and all things creative and different. It’s an experience as both a drag artist and a fan that I will never forget.

Beth, from Barnsley

“Exciting, inspiring, busy”

image3 (3).jpeg

Beth found out about Dragworld through social media. Her favorite moment from the weekend was meeting Katya and the “That’s funny, tell another one” panel!

So many talented UK queens attended the convention. Did you discover any new artists?Meth, Biblegirl.

I met Katya by chance when she walked past… I would love for there to have been more M&G tickets for sale, so I didn’t have to stress so much about trying to meet her.

Camay-Milan (@camaymilan) London

“Fierce, Fun and Fabulous”


Camay found out about Dragworld through Twitter. I think it got bigger and better! The only thing I can possibly think of changing is making the panels louder as sometimes other music could be distracting.

Fave moment of the weekend: On Sunday I waited by Jinkx Monsoon’s M&G and she noticed me and came over to say hi. After she finished meeting people in her queue she came over to take a picture. It was my fave moment as knowing that she remembers who I am is extra special.

It was the most fabulous weekend and I’m already counting down the days for next year!!

Veronika, Germany

“Fabulous, Fun, Friends”

 Felt this year  was better organised and seemed a lot bigger. Only thing she’d love “Is to have an extra day, two just isn’t enough!”

Fave moment of the weekend: I loved meeting Katya, but also having conversations with local queens which were incredibly inspiring.

Discovered new queens: I discovered a few new queens but mostly finally saw some favourites perform and got a chance to talk to them. Drag World is my favourite weekend of the year and I am super grateful for this positive, inspiring safe space!

Kelly, Central Scotland

“AWESOME, Accepting, Confidence boosting! (I know that’s 1 too many words.)”


Found out about dragworld; from being a social media obsessed freak; Twitter!

Fave moment from DragBall: Biqtch Puddin!! Wasn’t expecting it, I love all things Dragula and when she was announced onto the stage I couldn’t have been more shocked and excited. I watched her with actual tears in my eyes! I love anyone from Dragula or alternative to perform next year.

New discovered talent: All of the Drag Kings, great talent that I didn’t know we had. Also managed to catch Veronica Montenegro runway and then met her at the booth! Also there were so many attendees there in drag that I thought were fabulous and hope they manage to live there dream to get on that stage in future. Was there with one of my good friends who is fairly new on the Glasgow scene and is an absolute star- Lola Fierce!

I hope this event returns next year and every year after! It was an amazing experience this year, I’d say I felt like I fitted in somewhere for the first time in a long long time.

Izzy, from London 

“Underwhelming. Overpriced. Stuffy.”

Found out about Dragworld through Groupon.

Fave moment of the weekend: Meeting Phi Phi o hara! The panel talks were a little generic and boring, would’ve liked a lip sync battle where the audience vote or a panel on the inside secrets of Ru Paul’s drag race.

New discovered talent: Cheryl Hole.

The venue was far too small for the amount of people. Not enough seats for the panels and could barely hear them with people cheering at the performers! Queues were ridiculously long to meet the Queens and people were cutting the queue and no one was stopping them. Not enough free activities or free merch considering we paid a lot already for entry to the event! The day was not long enough, should’ve been on till at least 6 pm.

Ellie, Scotland.
“Amazing, organised, welcoming”

Found out about Dragworld through social media.

Fave moment of the weekend: Meeting Phi Phi, she was so nice and extremely sweet! This was the first time I had met phi phi so I didn’t know what to expect so I was super nervous but as soon as she gave me a hug my nerves went from 100 to 25. She made me feel like we had met before! It really made my weekend.


New Discovered talent: Charity Kase, I had heard of them before but didn’t really know much about them. After meeting them and seeing their art and their booth I fell in love instantly, they are amazing!

This was my first time at drag world so I didn’t really know what to expect and I was nervous but literally as soon as I saw everyone dressed up and in drag I felt so comfortable. I was so upset when it was over but happy at the same time because I got to experience something so amazing!

Suraya McAndrew
“Best weekend ever”

Went to last years convention and  discovered Dragworld both online due to her love for drag. Describing this years convention as “A lot better! More notice on queens cancellations and knowing the schedule before m&gs are released so you’re able to plan your day better and make sure you can get to them all.”

Fave moment of the weekend: Reuniting with Biblegirl and Farrah after months!

Anna Södergran from Stockholm, Sweden (@annaknin).
“Epic, epic, epic. “IMG_9539I was at DragWorld last year, too. First heard about it from my friend, who saw the event on Facebook. Last year was amazing, but this year was even better! More vendors, and the queens had more merch with them.Fave moment from the weekend: I can’t choooose! I brought hand made gifts for the queens I had m&g with and their reactions were so wonderful. For example, Biqtch Puddin and Jinkx Monsoon screamed when I gave them the necklaces I had made. Guess they liked them, (laughs) Another favorite story is Katya telling me I looked terrifying in my Trixie Mattel cosplay and later she flashed me her knickers. Also, other attendees coming up to me to compliment my cosplay and taking pictures was such a confidence booster! The panels were amazing.

Highlight from the Drag Ball: Omg, I went, I saw, I screamed! Alaska is always a favorite but someone else that really had me going bananas was the surprise performance by Biqtch Puddin! I love! Please bring Adore Delano next year, too!!

New discovered talent: Yes, the ladies of Her Upstairs! Already loved Meth after last year’s drag ball!

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