Breaking out the box

A fantastic talent who is not only is a dab hand with makeup but an advocate for standing up to bullies and gaining her confidence through the art of drag. Once again we see that drag is more than what we see on TV shows but a form of allowing people of all ages to find their true self and express themselves through creativity to showcase talent.

Meet Molly an incredibly talented girl who is out to show the world girls can do drag and aims to support and build up girls confidence by just being themselves.

Dragadventures: How did you get started in drag, how did it influence your life?


Molly: I guess you could say my first introduction to drag was the yearly panto at my local theatre, ever since a young curious child my favourite character would ALWAYS be the dame. A man dressed in a cheap wig and slapped on makeup. I dabbled in and out of watching drag race and a multitude of Miss Fame’s tutorials. Eventually, I started discovering local talents and I found the community that made me feel welcome as a young queer. August of 2017 I started doing drag myself, well, attempting it anyway! Let’s just say it’s something to look back on! But never in my life had I felt so welcomed and loved when I attended DragWorld UK 2017. My entire life I’ve been bullied for being myself and I have always felt ashamed to just be me. The positive environment and atmosphere made me realise that I am loved for who I am, you just need to find the right community for you. My confidence has skyrocketed since starting drag, I’m now able to feel comfortable in who I am.

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DA: What made you get started in makeup and playing with looks?


M: My first ever ‘drag look’ was inspired by Sasha Velour, she was most definitely the one to make me think ‘you know what? F*ck it, let’s give this a shot!’ Besides that, I had only been wearing makeup daily for about a year. So it was still all very new to me. Many times I felt like giving up because I looked nothing like these photoshopped Instagram pictures. After many words of encouragement from one of my favourite queens, Crystal Lubrikunt, I learned that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, everyone starts somewhere and you will never get to where you want to be without patience and determination.
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DA: They say that practice is key, would you say this is an important tip for beginners who don’t feel confident when creating looks?

M: 100%! I really can’t stress this enough! I’ve only been doing this for almost a year now and I’ve seen myself grow massively. And I still have so far to go and I have so so much to learn. I’ve found doing looks inspired by other queens very helpful, you’re able to try out different techniques and styles and see what works for you, and what makes you feel most comfortable! Don’t allow others push you into a box of what your drag ‘should be’, make your drag anything you want it to be! It’s also important to keep in mind that where you are now, is not going to be the same in a couple months time if you focus and practice. Life is a learning experience and we shouldn’t linger on our mistakes.

DA: For beginners or people who would love to get started in creating makeup looks, what products would you say are the best basics to start with?

M: LASHES. PLEASE. They really do make a world of difference. Don’t focus on buying wigs or expensive makeup until you’ve got the basics. But a glue stick to cover your brows, a full FULL coverage foundation, and lots of powder is key! And if you’re like me, a nice pot of gel liner always helps. Give Face Cosmetics has an amazing range of pigments, glitters, lashes, and more at very affordable prices and I cannot recommend them enough to any beginners!

DA: You do a variety of looks, is there a specific queen in particular who you will always use as inspiration be it through looks or confidence in general?


M: My eye shape at the moment is something I learn for Vander Von Odd! I love the seamlessness (if that’s even a word) in her mug and I always aspire for that! But when it comes to general confidence and the way I see life, I can’t thank Biblegirl enough for the impact she’s had on me. As I said earlier I’ve been bullied pretty much my whole life, Bible taught me to take these comments, make them my bitch, and use them to my own advantage. She taught me that it was okay to be the different one and that I don’t have to do what everyone else in my life is doing to become successful. I can pave me own may and make my own successes.

Every inch of her support means the world to me, she was able to dig me out of this deep hole of depression I was stuck in for so long. I wish there was a way to give back what she’s done for me, my drag, and my place in this community. I wouldn’t be writing this without her, I may not even be here at all. Not only that but she taught me to laugh at myself, and laugh at life in general. We’re all in this fight called life together and if we spend so long taking everything in it so seriously will we ever find happiness?

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DA: Our favorite look you’ve created is of our fave Dragula queen Abhora. Of all the Dragula girls what made you concentrate on Abhora in particular?

M: Dragula as a whole has always been so inspirational to me. I really enjoy that side of drag far more and the show itself is more entertaining to me. It allows queens to be themselves instead of shoving them into boxes. I truly love Abhora’s style of drag and how it almost looks like a painting on her face. Dragula shows a side of drag that drag race doesn’t, it doesn’t focus on how ‘polished’ someone is, or how much their outfit costs, the Boulet Brother’s care about creativity and passion, and to me, that’s the main thing.

DA: You’re currently doing a look for each week of the year, do you feel this has greatly improved your confidence overall with skill and yourself? How do you come up with the concept for each week and what’s the most challenging part about the project?


M: Most definitely! I was first inspired to challenge myself after seeing Charity Kase complete her 365 days challenge. It’s taught me how important practice is as I can see myself improving each and every week. Sometimes I do a look I’m not happy with but everyone has down day and you’ve just got to pick yourself up again and don’t let it stop you. I come with ideas very much out of the blue, I could see once small thing that sparks an idea in my brain, or very often I see looks by other queens that I’d love to recreate.

The most challenging part is probably just finding the time. I’m always very busy, and I like to be, being a Gemini with hundreds of plan whizzing round my brain. But I’ve started working full time now, and I prefer to do looks when it’s still bright out, so it’s rather difficult right now! But I’m not giving up that easy!

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DA: Speaking about projects, do you have any other dream projects you’d love to do in the future besides drag?


M: Well obviously I’m desperate to start performing! So if anyone wants to book me hook me up (laughs) But besides drag, next year I plan to do a theatre and SFX makeup course to become a qualified makeup artist, being paid for something I am so passionate about is the dream. I’d also love to open my own charity for LGBTQ+ youths that need support.

So many young people are thrown out of their homes by their families who don’t accept them. I want to change that. It’s definitely a big goal of mine and I’d need a lot of help to achieve it, but with patience and dedication, it can be done!

DA: Let’s talk about ‘Non-drag’ life. What do you do from day to day, do you have any side projects?

M: I work alongside my friend Ryan Wilks on All Drag Updates, we work with drag promoters to bring fans all the hottest tea! But other than that, not much really! My life almost revolves around drag, I wouldn’t be who I am without it!

Follow Molly on all her social media and see her fantastic weekly make up project!

Instagram: @phoenixroyale_

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