Werq The World: Glasgow

Werq the World is Drag Race’s official tour and lives up to its name by bringing queens to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and Latin America. With the Glasgow lineup consisting of Latrice Royale, Sharon Needles, Kennedy Davenport, Kim Chi, Violet Chachki, Detox, and Valentina, it was definitely one of the biggest tours I had been to. I was particularly excited to see Detox and Kennedy perform for the first time! Glasgow’s show was hosted by season ten’s Miss Congeniality, Monet X Change, whose personality shone through whilst joking with the audience about Glasgow’s reputation and her elimination the previous week.


The entire show had the theme of flight running through it, with videos popping up of Michelle as a flight attendant punning her way through an intermission, as well as each queen representing a different destination around the globe. Monet opened the show by introducing the queens, who each walked on to the announcement of the place that they represented with Sharon amusingly representing Transylvania.

However, our first stop was in Brazil with Kennedy Davenport, who performed with a remix of Ester Dean’s ‘Rio and Rio’ and Rupaul’s ‘Covergirl.’ Kennedy’s reveal from a long black coat to a spangled bodysuit the colours of the Brazil flag was iconic enough, but her dance moves were truly captivating. With high kicks and jump splits galore, Kennedy was living up to her well-deserved reputation as the dancing diva of Texas. I even got the chance to meet Kennedy after the show as I hung around for a bit, and she was very sweet, which made my night.

Our next destination was Seoul with Kim Chi, who performed a dreamy number of remixes based on the Japanese manga Sailor Moon. The combination of “I Need a Hero” with clips from Sailor Moon itself was a great display of appreciation of girl power. Kim executed three reveals throughout the number, which left the audience screaming at a greater decibel each time- even if Monet jokingly read Kim once she came onstage after the number for ‘barely moving.’ Up next was Sharon Needles, transporting us to Transylvania with her performance where she replicated a sacrifice to Derulo’s ‘Whatcha Say,’ as well as Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night.’  

The cast of Werq the World. Photo Source: @werqtheworld

After a short break, Detox took us to Amsterdam, performing a raunchy number to Madonna’s ‘Best Night.’ She revealed a glittered bodysuit from a black velvet coat and executed a lot of the numbers by interacting with her dancers, who were reined as they carried her on their shoulders. Monet then performed a high energy Christina Aguilera number, running through the crowd and even doing her iconic fake jump split before the number was over. It was great to see one of the newest Drag Race queens in action, with Monet’s, lipsyncs already being legendary well before her appearance on the show. Soon after, we were back inflight mode in Madrid with Valentina, whose number was to a Spanish ballad, ‘Se Me Enamora El Alma’ by Isabel Pantoja, involving elaborate but classic dance moves which left the audience screaming for more.

Our penultimate stop was in Paris with the one and only Violet Chachki, with her performance to ‘The One’ by Kylie Minogue involving her showing us her talents on an aerial hoop. This was all while wearing an exquisite outfit I remember describing as ‘feathered showgirl realness,’ with her feathered headpiece seamlessly transitioned to being used as a fan. Lastly, Latrice took us to London, singing her new single ‘Excuse the Beauty’ live, with a  backdrop of dancers waving flags in time to the music. Afterwards, all the queens came on to bow, with the audience chanting for an encore.

image5 (2).jpeg

I really enjoyed my time at the Werq the World tour, with each queen bringing a different energy with their performance, but they also gelled perfectly together. Monet standing in for Michelle was something I felt lucky to experience, with her witty hosting feeling enjoyable on my part and effortless on hers. Overall, I would really recommend the Werq the World tour for an unforgettable drag experience as I was left feeling like I had truly been on a whistlestop tour, not only of the world but of some of the finest drag talent.

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