Drag, punk, rock and roll

Whilst we, of course, were incredibly hyped to see Adore Delano on the ‘Whatever’ tour. We were equally excited to finally see Drag Punk. Ever since our contributor Nathan saw Paul Aleksandr support Ben De La Creme back in March, all he could talk about was how amazing Paul performed.

You know us, we love getting to find out about, learn/watch new talent. So, of course, we stalked him out on social media, then discovered the collective he was a part of- DragPunk.

The more we saw the more we liked, so we approached them for a fantastic interview for all you lovely readers to get to know them- just in time for the Adore tour too… perfect!

The vibe of this collective- Amber Cadaverous, Lilith, Paul Aleksandr and Tacky, is embodied in true punk attitude. A giant F U to society and the rules of which they are to be set.

Photo Credit: ther3alsparkles

Once the tour kicked off social media exploded with enthusiasm and praise for DragPunk. We can only liken it to the same way BibleGirl did over Dragworld, once people and particularly younger fans see something that resonates deep down, they support it so hard and are very passionate about their new-found faves.

But what was the act to be lived up to the hype? Honestly? Yes… these guys are so raw with talent you can see the passion in every single move whilst up there lipsyncing. Each member is unique and not one of them are left in the shadows.

Amber represented girl power and all the powers with her inspirational speeches throughout the groups set. More so about doing whatever you want, combine this with the new music of Adore Delano and its messages of ‘Whatever’ and ‘Let society stay beige.’ That teens are finding their place among others at drag shows.  She kicked off with ‘I’m Just A Girl’ by No Doubt, performed in true punk style and accompanied by cheers by young girls who you could see worshipped every word Amber had to say afterward.


Paul Aleksandr worked his weird magic across the stage accompanied by everyone’s favourite childhood memory- Po the telly tubby. His onstage persona and charm is unique, to say the least, and we fell hook, line, and sinker for it.

Lilith for us reawakened every single emo memory from 10 years ago with ‘Helena.’ Even if the emo is gone it will arise when My Chemical Romance is played, the lipsync had every single person gripped and watching her every move. This queen captures a crowd… and we LOVED it.


Absent for the majority of the tour due to being poorly was sparkly member Tacky, who got to return to the stage with a bang at the London show. Make-up inspired by Trixie Mattel, dressed in pink and sparkles, this queen made the crowd go wild with her fun and over-the-top performance. Honestly, she just made us smile the whole time because she’s the perfect combination of pink and sparkly while not giving a second thought about what others might think of her – we loved that!

The act was rounded off nicely with all members participating in a Rupauls Drag Race lipsync for your life routine. Each member performed a song relating to their aesthetic whilst mixes of RuPaul interrupted telling them to ‘Sashay Away’ or ‘Shantay You Stay’ it was a great way to finish the show and make way for the grunge queen Adore Delano. You could tell from the sound of the crowd how much they enjoyed DragPunk and disheartened to see them leave.

This collective is what young fans need, they encourage positive messages, they worked their butts of this tour and hung around to meet everyone after. If these aren’t good reasons why they should be at a Dragworld UK… well let the riots… begin! Don’t forget to check out the photo galleries to see the incredible photos taken by our very own Sparkles.

Now go support Dragpunk on all their social media and let’s keep our fingers crossed we will get to see them in August!

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