Sharon Needles hits Scotland – with her Battle Axe

After the long-awaited release of album Battle Axe in September, fans were eager to see their favorite ghoul hit the UK shores with her latest hits.

What felt like a lifetime of waiting for the day to arrive to see Sharon Needles, we finally hit the skies to fly to the gorgeous city of Glasgow, the things we do for our fave gals! By this point, we were so excited to finally see Battle Axe live, by far one of her best albums which is a tricky goal to reach.

This year our aim for shows is to be more fun aesthetically to beat the sometimes dull life of adulting. Sparkles rocked Trixie Mattel Heels of Hell realness in her purple wig and skeleton get up, while Kirsty channeled her inner Elvira and gave us some serious Mistress of the Dark vibes. Looking bold and beautiful as always being able to create looks at shows is something we aim to continue as it sets the stage for the fun night ahead.

Once all geared up in goth glam, we rocked the streets of Glasgow on the way to the venue, on arrival we were so happy to finally see the lovely girls of SDS (the Sharon Needles Defense Squad). There is nothing more fun than meeting people you’ve been talking to online or know through other shows. The girls all looked fab, and with Amy rocking her Battle Axe video look it was time to meet Sharon… who of course being the true queen she is….was slightly late- we aren’t even mad though!

Amy is some serious goals when it comes to recreating outfits!

Heading to the meet and greet the usual nerves/excitement kicked in and the moment had arrived to meet Sharon. Regardless of how many times you’ve met a queen, the tingle of nerves will always be there lurking.  Interacting with someone you admire is one of the best things of meeting and greeting, being able to talk to Sharon was always a pleasure as always. She’s one of the queens who just know how to make you feel comfortable, even if you’re super nervous – Sharon always finds something to talk about, it’s amazing!

A top tip for meeting and greeting your favourite performers from us is this; have something tiny in mind to talk about to them, having a little gift also helps from staring into their soul – mind blanking.  Also, the official photos can sometimes be underwhelming or disappointing, have someone take candid photos of you, it’s the most heartwarming thing to look back on to bring back what you were talking about.


When the time came to finally see the show begin, being able to see our fave UK acts support Sharon was great to kickstart and warm up the audience. Victoria Secret and Danny Beard were our hosts for the evening, these two brought fantastic vibrant energy to warm up an already hyped audience. Both had fantastic back and forth humor with subtle reads regarding outfits, then came the wonderful Ginger Hunter.

Relatively new to Holy Trannity, this queen is one to watch, onstage with a Rubix cube and intense music to rival that on Britains Got Talent, watching her solve a light up cube sounds bizarre but believe it was incredible to watch. After completion we got to see her comedy side, which had the crowds laughing hysterically, we definitely hope to see more of Ginger in the future!

Then before our very eyes, Sharon appears in the most stunning outfit and wig, of course once again her outfit was a pop culture reference- seriously this queen is always educating the fans!

Opening with fan favorite Supernature she killed it as always, we’ve seen Sharon multiple times now and Supernature is the best opener – we’ll never tire from it…the build-up of music from the start reminds you how amazing Sharon is!

Between Sharon’s songs, we had Victoria Secret perform some kickass lip syncs complete with glow in the dark outfits. Another queen that deserves all the attention out there, her humor is on par and incredibly Irish which we LOVE! However, the best part was getting audience participation to lip sync All Stars 3 ‘Kitty Girl’ with the final four competitors.

The lip sync was fair to say a mixed bag, whilst having two girls, two boys to lipsynch was a good idea… the boys were booted for being hogging the limelight. Our friend Iona and SDS member was lipsyncing the role of Shangela and can we just say we aren’t biased as shes our friend…but she KILLED it, complete with death drops, hair flips, and some fierce dancing, unfortunately she was robbed by Trixie… the only time we will ever say Shangela was robbed!


Danny Beard hit the stage in all his sparkly glory, his glittery beard are some serious goals… how does that glitter not end up all over him? We pop on a sparkly eye and will be covered in days! Danny is a combination of two things humour and powerful set of pipes. Singing to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody had the crowd joining in and living their best life! We really hope to see Danny soon as his singing is breathtaking and has you transfixed.


Then, Sharon was back with more songs from album Battle Axe and another costume change to wow and hypnotize the audience. Hearing new songs live is a feeling indescribable, being in an audience with other fans all gathered together for this one person who we all admire and adore is such a feeling its radiating.

We’re so happy that we not only got to see her perform almost all of our favourite songs from the new album, i.e. Black LicoriceRock and Roll Pt. 3, Jack-o-Lantern, 666, but she also treated us to our all-time favourite Ouija Board as well as to a moving performance of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. It really was a full-on concert and it was over far too soon!


However, our personal highlights from Sharon Needles shows is always the little talks she does between songs, we could hear her talk all day. Overlooked perhaps for her ‘spooky’ aesthetic, she is so much more than that, intelligent, kind, understanding and full of pop culture knowledge we could all learn a thing or two from her.

Her music is clever full of wit, some however just plain fun- Cocaine and Fuck anyone? Declaring ‘She may not have the most fans, but she has THE best fans.’ Is something that haters need to be reminded of…. she is a kind-hearted person who perhaps hides it in her ‘goth’ exterior but we all know the truth.

And for that reason she may look spooky… but she really IS nice and we can’t wait to see her again soon in the UK!

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