The Lovely Luna Louvet

A vibrant and exciting queen Luna Louvet came to life from her creative makeup looks inspired from a variety of drag. A Klubkid/Queerdo who is set out to dominate her local drag scene and beyond. We grab a chat with Luna to get to know the creative process, her upcoming projects, and Youtube channel!

Dragadventures: How would you best describe your drag aesthetic and where did the drag name Luna Louvet come from?

Luna Louvet: My drag aesthetic is best described as Klubkid/queerdo/femdragqueen and my name Luna Louvet came from my Latinx and French roots.


DA: Who/what inspired you to start up drag and continues to inspire your looks?

LL:  Although I did take a lot of inspiration from early NYC club kids

ie: Leigh Bowery, James St James, Michael Alig, and new club kids have also given me influence, however, most of my growth and advancement and continued inspiration has and always will be my drag mother Natalia Flores

DA: Your looks are incredibly creative, how long does it take on average to get ready for a drag show?

LL: On average my looks only take between 1-3 hrs. Depending on what look I’m doing or the theme of the show. But I don’t think I’ve ever surpassed 3 hrs. Even with some of my more detailed looks.

DA: What three makeup products could you not live without?

LL: The three makeup products would be:

                          1) Fenty highlights
                          2) Sugar pill pro pallet

                          3) Umbrian clay mask by fresh

DA: Local drag is something we encourage all fans of drag to support. What’s the local drag scene like where you’re from?

LL: The local drag scene where I am from is very small and the alternative scene is even smaller, but up and coming and very artsy. I love my queerdos!!!


DA: For readers who want to look out for local drag queens who would you recommend?

LL: I would definitely look out for Jeena Doucure,  Natalia Flores, Piper Q Laroux, and Brooke Back Mountain.

DA: What’s been your favorite show you’ve performed in?

LL: My favorite show has to be neon pride party at Vamp Drag show.

DA: Can you give us a sneak peek into some of your future projects?
LL: Some near future projects consist of having a YouTube channel with funny content and with my sister Jeena Doucure awe are also in the word of having a series of new beautiful shows around town. Showcasing ALL local LGBT talent and having a youth show as well!

Keep up to date with all things Luna Louvet on the following social media:

Instagram: @lunavei420

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