From Seattle to Scotland….Ben De La Creme slays in Glasgow

Walking through Glasgow while the rain is pouring down around you, threatening to ruin the makeup you spent a worrying amount of time doing can be quite a gloomy experience. However, Tuesday night I was headed to meet All-Stars Three martyr, BenDeLaCreme, and for once didn’t care that I was freezing with an umbrella in hand.

As the clock turned 6pm, it was time for us VIPs to be let in for our meet and greet and for once, I didn’t feel nervous, I was genuinely excited to see and meet the star. After reuniting with a few familiar faces, it was my turn and DeLa welcomed me a warm hug. I told her that she looked amazing and she returned the compliment, making my heart swell and burst on the spot. She happily signed my ticket and I thanked her for her time.


RuJazzle was the first local talent to take to the stage with the role of host for the evening, introducing CJ Banks for a Muse performance (as a massive emo at heart, I was so happy).

Then onto our dancing queen Ann Phetamine with some club tunes, followed by Savannah Scotia and a tribute to the biggest anthem of all time, ‘Everytime We Touch’ by Cascada. Host RuJazzle took to the stage also, performing a hilarious but political piece (that I have already seen before but absolutely ADORE) about transgender and homosexual humans serving in the military, rounded off with ‘In the Navy’ by Village People and a pride flag. Every time I see these queens I fall more in love. Keep your eyes peeled for some interviews with our Glasgow queens coming soon!

The excitement in the room tripled as it was finally time to welcome BenDeLaCreme or should I say, “BenDeLaChrist”, to the stage. Performing a new piece, in which she crucified herself, a reference to her self-elimination on the most recent season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars, where she “sacrificed” herself instead of sending one of her other top five queens home.


After too many “Miss Vanjie” jokes and some more numbers from Ru, Savannah, Ann, and CJ, including an air hostess spoof and a patriotic freedom piece, DeLa returned to the stage ready to show off her burlesque talents. After stripping off the beautiful dress she was wearing, she proceeded to re-enact the iconic comedic burlesque act she performed on the first episode of All-Stars, involving multiple nipple tassel reveals.

Miss Ben truly is exactly how I imagined her to be in real life, just as gorgeous, and hilarious, and her final number of the night, in my opinion, was quintessential BenDeLaCreme… A lip-sync that starts off fine but the track starts to jump, the track is played multiple times in the wrong tempo, the pitch is wrong, and eventually the wrong track is played. To say I was cry laughing at this point may be a bit of an understatement.

Ben De Le Creme

She truly is one of the most uniquely talented human beings I have ever laid eyes on, everything about DeLa radiates light and positivity, even when she is pulling some questionable facial expressions or swinging metre long nipple tassels into the air. My experience meeting and seeing her perform for the first time was just what I expected, hilarious, light-hearted, so genuine.

jen n ben.jpg

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of watching her perform, check her tour schedule, get a ticket, and head down to a show to support her!

Written by Contributor Jen

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