All Star ‘Ben De La Christ Creme’ has risen!

There are not many people that would have queues of adoring fans going right around the venue on a wet Thursday evening but such is the allure of Season 6 Miss Congeniality and All-Stars 3 most talked about contestant- Ben DeLaCreme.

IMG_5832.JPGThis was the debut Birmingham show for Eat Sleep Drag Repeat who are based in Bristol. If this was the standard they are going to bring to future shows, then this company are the ones to watch. Their focus on bringing UK drag acts along and promoting them is such a refreshing change.
The venue was packed to capacity for this sold out show and after watching it, you can see why so many people wanted to come and witness this spectacle. This show was different to shows I’ve been to before as all artists on the bill were given various opportunities to shine in both halves of the show, with obviously more time for the star, but it was good to experience the varied UK drag performers.

Alfie Ordinary- the drag prince- was our host for the evening and did the most incredible job of warming up the crowd as well as performing songs live- Do Re Mi from The Sound Of Music and Any Dream Will Do from Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Alfie was so likable and positive, making everyone laugh and getting everyone to sing along. Any Dream Will Do literally lit up the venue.

The wonderful Alfie Ordinary. Photo Source: ESDR

We were treated to Birmingham based Drag Punk Paul Aleksandr who lip-synced and performed to an Alice In Wonderland themed song mixed in with What You Waiting For by Gwen Stefani. A truly captivating performance by this beautiful, glitter bearded talent. One to keep your eye on for sure.
Eva Serration blew the crowd away with her 2 numbers. In the first half, we were treated to a lip-sync of Americano by Lady Gaga mashed with Donald Trump talking about the Mexican Wall. Eva gave it all the flamenco style, spinning around until she opened her suitcase to reveal bricks and a Donald Trump faced teddy. The climax was Teddy Trump building the wall and her knocking it down with a golf club.

In the second half, we witnessed a Kill Bill themed performance then taking out a ball and chain from her backpack and swinging it into the audience. It’s a good job we all had quick reflexes at the front. She then revealed the full Miley Cyrus fantasy underneath to perform Wrecking Ball. The audience went wild and Eva’s fan base skyrocketed.
The final UK queen on the bill was the talented Lydia L’Scabies who performed two songs. I’d been told a lot about her but nothing could prepare me for the brilliantness I witnessed.

Hey, Big Spender saw her as the money wielding lady who splashed the cash (even rubbing a ‘£10 note’ down my face) and even played the triangle which flew into the crowd. When the gloves were removed, plastic coins fell out- pure magic.

The incredible Lydia L’Scabies. Photo Source: ESDR

The second song was When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2. Lydia was dressed as a pink vibrator and performed the song incredibly. The buzz in the room was electric, everyone was laughing. Words cannot do justice to the performance.
Ben DeLaCreme was captivating from the very start of her performances, opening her first set with her parody of Superstar from Jesus Christ Superstar ‘Ben DeLaChrist’. The track featured snippets from her time on All-Stars 3.

5F09A41D-2E9D-42C5-8642-EBF3EEDAD110She talked openly about the show and had the audience eating out of her hands. Throughout the show, she showcased many talents- Burlesque complete with more tassles than you could count, lip sync, comedy, and overall proving herself as a clever and witty host to shows.
Her lip-sync to ‘I’ve Never Been To Me’ is something that has to be watched to be believed. Her comic timing was second to none. As you watch her performances, you can’t help but fall in love with the ‘terminally delightful’ star but it’s not until after the show at the meet and greet that you realize just how genuinely sweet she is.

The person in front of me in the queue was so overcome with emotion at meeting Ben that when it came to his turn, Ben just hugged him and held him for a few minutes to calm him down. There are not many people that would do that for their fans.
She greeted everyone with a hug and spoke to them. She was genuinely touched by gifts that were given to her. I took a plastic banana (a nod to the Bitchalor challenge) which she found hilarious and even insisted to pose with it for our photo together.

I came away from the show even more in love with Ben than I thought possible. Her talent knows no bounds and I hope it’s not long till she comes back to visit us in the UK. If you get the chance to see her live ‘JUMP’ at the chance and please go to an ESDR show if one comes near to you as they know how to run a show.

Their Jinkx Monsoon one-woman show is coming up later in the year so grab your tickets now and please support your local queens. There are so many talented UK queens right under our noses so please go out there and see them.

Thank you to everyone at ESDR for looking after everyone so well and putting on an incredible and well-organized show.

P.S.- if the merch guy asks someone to write pound signs…DO IT!

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