Third times a charm: Now with moving parts

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to see the one and only skinny legend herself, three times around the UK. The first show was Now With Moving Parts in London, with my friend Poppy and my drag obsessed mum! I arrived at the Clapham Grand and was instantly filled with excitement, fear and everything in between. Excitement for the show, but irrational fear at the thought of meeting Trixie again. I had already met her twice at this point and she had been nothing but lovely both times, yet there I was more nervous than ever at the thought of it all.

I had been at the same venue three months earlier for the Heels Of Hell tour, so standing outside in the queue, I found that reminiscing about the incredible night we’d had there seemed to help ease the nerves.

As soon as we were into the venue we took our seats, with a perfect view of the stage. The moment she came onto the stage playing Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again, I started to well up. When you follow someone online, watch them on tv, listen to their album on repeat on a daily basis, OR all of the above if you’re me, seeing them on stage just a couple of feet away from you is quite overwhelming! I spent the next hour staring at Trixie on the stage, with an uncontrollable grin on my face, laughing along to every joke – some classic Trixie and some new material (all hilarious)! Then the autoharp made an appearance, and I knew what was coming. She started to play Moving Parts, which is my all time favorite of any of Trixie’s songs.  The sounds coming out of me as I was trying to sing along while full-on ugly crying was… interesting, and I’m sorry to anyone that had to witness that.


After the show, we had the meet and greet, which was amazing. She seemed to like her gift, and we had plenty of time to talk. She was as sweet as ever.

A week later I traveled to Brighton to see Trixie at the Powder Room. She looked incredible in an outfit I hadn’t seen anywhere before! A pink velvet bodysuit, beret and two blonde afros pinned on each side of her head. She did an Anaconda/Jump lip sync and had a bit of a wig malfunction (apparently down to the bobby pins from New Look), but kept going and killed it. There was a quick break for an outfit change before she came back out for another lip sync and some crowd participation. We then had another meet and greet with her, in which I drunkenly gave her another gift, and told her how much I love her music. I then went to walk off with her sharpie, which she called me out on of course! It was a great night, and my last time see Trixie with Poppy before she moves to NZ, so I’ll never forget it!

Just over a week later, after accepting I wasn’t going to see Trixie again on this tour, I woke up to a message from a lovely girl selling two meets and greet tickets to Trixie’s show in Cardiff. Without thinking I bought them, and luckily my friend Maddie was available for a last minute adventure (adventure sounds better than 3-hour boring drive) to Cardiff. We arrived in Cardiff with just enough time to get ready for the show, and as we arrived and took our seats in the front row, it finally hit me that we were actually about to see the show again!

The whole day had been such a last-minute rush, that it hadn’t actually kicked in what was happening. I sat there laughing away, saying half of the jokes along with Trixie (I’m the worst), and singing along to every song that she beautifully played. Although it was almost identical to the London show, it was just as funny – if not more – and we were incredibly lucky to be the first crowd to hear her debut a song from the upcoming new album, One Stone. The song was called Little Sister, and if you haven’t heard it yet, YOU NEED TO. The room was silent, other than Trixie and her guitar, and it was such a beautiful moment to be a part of.

That show was the happiest I’ve ever seen Trixie look, and I can’t explain how happy it made me to see such a huge smile on her face.

The meet and greet was after the show. It was the best meet and greet I’ve had so far. We spent so much time talking and I couldn’t believe that she actually remembered me! There was absolutely no rush from the organizers and I left on a complete high from another amazing night seeing Trixie.

image2 (1)

The whole tour was so well done. There was a perfect balance of comedy, beautiful musical performances and a lip sync thrown in there for good measure. Both Holy Trannity and Slay Presents did such a great job on this tour, and of course the leading lady, Trixie Mattel. She exceeded my expectations as always, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the UK next. Whatever it is, you can be sure I’ll be there in my Trixie merch, probably ugly crying (happy tears) at anything she does.

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