Now With Moving Parts: Glasgow

When Trixie announced last year that she was bringing her Now with Moving Parts tour to Glasgow, I made sure I was quick to get tickets, excited to see one of my favorite queens perform live. I’d been lucky enough to have the chance to see Trixie perform at Heels of Hell in 2017, but I knew that seeing a show uniquely crafted by her would be an entirely different experience.

As the day of the show crept closer, the nerves began to kick in. I was going to get to meet and see Trixie perform her show twice in one night! Waiting in the meet and greet queue before the first show, it felt absolutely unreal. After waiting for ten or so minutes, we glanced at the backstage door and saw blonde hair bobbing its way towards the queue.

Feeling totally full of nerves, it was soon my turn to talk to Trixie. She was really lovely even though I was incredibly nervous, calling me a sweetheart when I gave her a gift, and my friend even got to show her the Trixie tattoo she drew. Feeling absolutely starstruck by getting to blink awkwardly at the legend icon star, we took our seats and waited for the show to begin.


Trixie took to the stage in her iconic pink jumpsuit from Trixie and Katya’s High School Reunion, singing the single from her debut album, “Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again.” Unfortunately for Trixie, her backing track kept skipping, but fortunately for Glasgow, we got an acoustic performance. The first part of the show started as it meant to go on, being a mixture of observational comedy and music, with Trixie covering “Covergirl” by RuPaul to demonstrate that “white people can ruin any song,” as well as singing a medley of the Spice Girls, Avril Lavigne and Fleetwood Mac.

After lipsyncing to a mash-up of religious-themed songs and very impressive monologues from reality TV, Trixie hopped off stage to get ready for the next half, dividing up her show with 5-minute long sketch comedy clips of discussions between her and a fictional stage manager, ensuring that the audience remained entertained when she was offstage.

image4In the second half, Trixie emerged in an amazing pink fluffy coat, serving “pink loofah realness.” This second half felt more relaxed, again a mixture of comedy and music, with Trixie discussing the break-up she had which led to the writing of “Two Birds.”

To close the show, Trixie sang her new single “Little Sister” from her upcoming album “One Stone,” interrupting herself halfway through to tell us a song about ordering her new autoharp and how the maker questioned whether Trixie would be able to manage such a big harp if she had smaller hands. This was the perfect ending to the first show for me, showing how truly talented Trixie is in both comedy and music. We then left the venue, waiting to go back in for our second round.

The second show felt more chilled, with Trixie noting that she was getting more laughs because we were the late crowd, dealing with hecklers well and throwing out a few unscripted jokes in the moment. The second meet and greet was after the show, and I was feeling even more overwhelmed (which I didn’t think was possible) after seeing her perform in real life, but I managed to thank Trixie for such an amazing time, and tell her I was excited to see her talents in All-Stars 3.

Overall, I do feel slightly biased in reviewing Trixie’s show, as she is one of, if not my favorite, queens. However the show truly was an amazing night, and Trixie is clearly one to watch, as her talent is only going to take her further and further. (As long as she makes her way back to Scotland soon, that’s all I ask!)

Contributed by Iona Tytler. Twitter: @falloutiona image6

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