10’s across the board.. The Season 10 ladies are here.

Gentleman start your engines and let the best women win…. Thursday saw the moment drag fans had been waiting patiently for. The season 10 queens have been officially introduced to the drag family. The ruveal came after episode five of All-stars 3, the series which is at the halfway stage of the competition and is slowly starting to heat up.

All stars which have let’s face it been all over Reddit forums full of rumors since the summer has been a slow-moving season. Constant comparisons to last seasons All-Stars have had viewers feeling somewhat lacking any real development. However, the gag is a huge twist is to be finally revealed on next weeks show which is set to have us all shocked at the twists and turns to come. This season has been pretty much the Ben De La Crème show, whilst we are team Trixie, it’s been great to see Ben reach new levels of appreciation. But finally, this week saw our queen elevated to success and be in the top two!

Season 10 begins just as All-stars 3 finishes on March 22nd leaving drag fans ecstatic with no void to fill, the season queens have been revealed. The 14 queens were introduced to us by season nine winner Sasha Velour, all the girl’s looks were neon themed realness. We are familiar with just three queens this season, last years competitor Eureka O’ Hara was promised a slot after having to leave on medical grounds.

We have multiple queens who are apart of now-famous drag families, in fact, this season may have the most drag mothers and daughters in any season. We have Aquaria daughter of season four winner Sharon Needles; this queen is a sarcastic little thing with a big heart we can expect great things from her with a little hint of drama. Following from the drama we have Asia o’ Hara, mother to season four queen Phi Phi O’ Hara, of course, this drama happened hundreds of years ago so let’s not even bring up the party city fiasco!

Miz Cracker is the perfect sweet cotton candy vision we adore in queens, she is sure to bring some fantastic looks on the runaway. The excitement of being able to get to know a brand new bunch of queens with talent is what drag race is about.

                    The new cast of season 10. Source: NewNowNext                                              

Whilst we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves with the start of season 10 we, of course, have the rest of All-Stars to look forward to. So whilst we sit and wait for the season to begin we are dying to know what twists and turns appear before our eyes on All-Stars, and of course that our Barbie girl continues her new turn of confidence to gain the crown.

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