A class Act- Courtney Act

After hearing the announcement that Courtney Act, Drag Race season six runner-up (and winner of Celebrity Big Brother UK 2018) was playing a one-off show in the Classic Grand in Glasgow, an intimate venue with so many good memories attached for me, I managed to snap up a VIP ticket before they sold out.

It was a freezing cold day, and I ended up outside the venue two hours prior to doors opening but getting to see some familiar faces and meeting some new people made it all worthwhile.

I somehow ended up in the front of the meet and greet queue and was the first person to meet Courtney. She welcomed me with a massive friendly hug and we took a photo together. I got to tell her how thankful I am that her appearance and victory on Celebrity Big Brother has been so positive and that she did an incredible job representing drag and the LGBTQ+ community in a new light to those who did not understand at first. She happily signed my CD and we hugged again. There was no rush and she was so willing to chat to people and that is possibly the most refreshing thing to see nowadays.

The local queens warmed up the crowd (which we all desperately needed), our host for the evening Rujazzle welcomed some “drag show virgins” by teaching some etiquette, likening drag queens to toddlers since they both thrive off of attention. First to perform was Ann Phetamine with possibly my favorite lip-sync of the night, performing Kill V. Maim by Grimes and completely encompassing all the energy of the song, finishing it off by crowd surfing.


Savannah Scotia scuttled onto the stage dressed as Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, but the twist being that the performance was the polar opposite of everything Disney. October Fist’s lip-sync drew many laughs from the crowd with their American border control video parody mixed with the iconic song “American Boy” by Estelle. RuJazzle finally got to showcase some of her favorite dance moves in pop culture with a mega-mix including ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Y.M.C.A.’ among others.


It was then finally time for Courtney to take to the stage. As always, looking absolutely stunning, and the cheers for her were deafening. Although most of the fans at the show knew Act before her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, I felt a newfound love being directed towards our favorite Aussie queen. She spoke briefly about her time in the house and managed to forget that the audience contained younger fans, dropping a couple of swear words before profusely apologizing to parents. She performed a mix of songs including Kylie Minogue, Sia, Lady Gaga, and her own song ‘Body Parts’ from her EP, ‘Kaleidoscope’. Although the show wasn’t the longest, it was a perfect amount of time to show off her vocals and get up close and personal with the front row. I was sad to see her leave but it was a perfect warm up before seeing her again in June.


Thanks to Slay Presents for bringing Courtney to Glasgow for this exclusive show! And thank you for giving our local girls an amazing platform to let people see how insanely talented and hilarious they all are, everyone had an amazing night and I cannot wait to see Stacy Layne Matthews next month!

Capture3Today’s post is from contributor Jen (Twitter: jenxmcanally ) see her past work for us here

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