Trixie Mattel: Now with Moving Parts

Life in plastic… it’s fantastic. Trixie Mattel really is living the barbie world fantasy, January has already seen the return of the popular Trixie and Katya show. But the return of All-Stars 3 has fans in a frenzy, finally getting the world to see the talents of Trixie and why she should be a worthy winner of the crown.

We UK fans are incredibly lucky to see her debut new tour Moving parts, now this is a clever PR move. In the talent show segment of All-Stars 3, we saw Trixie perform new single ‘Moving Parts‘ complete with Autoharp. The next day the single was available to buy on Itunes, which is sitting pretty at number one in the singer/songwriter on the Itunes charts.

So we finally got to see our barbie women in all her comedy glory in Liverpool. Our first drag show of 2018, decked out in Trixie inspired costume and makeup we were super excited to see her reaction. Safe to say we got “Oh wows and “ahhhs” all around, to complete the amazing chats we had with her we were then approached to appear in her upcoming documentary.

That’s right, we get a documentary/film documenting the success of Trixie’s career in the past few months. Being asked plenty of wonderful questions such as the impact of drag for fans, our favorite queens etc but the fun part was being able to be embraced and have fun with the guys who conducted the interview.

The power of drag gives the confidence to interact with a number of new people and fellow fans. The atmosphere was one of happiness watching Trixie be happy, she is certainly radiating an aurora of success and being incredibly proud of her work. During m&g’s you could see her embracing every single fan and all interactions were a joy to watch.

Watching her perform with nothing but a huge smile on her face is proof in the pudding on how incredibly happy she is. The jokes were hilarious….even her now famous Jinkx Monsoon monologue us fans have heard countless times… we all still love the swamp witch impression.

The hard work is finally paying off and the world can now see why Trixie Mattel is a star in her own right. Now complete with her own moving parts, if you have been unable to the show, there is plenty of Trixie content on our television screens. Catch Trixie on All-stars 3 every Thursday and of course, The Trixie and Katya show Wednesday’s. Don’t forget to purchase ‘Moving parts’ available on Itunes.


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