Bring back my All Stars…

The moment has come…. gentlemen start your engines. The first episode of all stars 3 has finally arrived, whilst the UK has to wait that little longer.. two whole days to see the first aired episode ( which will appear on Comedy Central every Saturday) we here have had a little sneak peek thanks to social media, we’ve seen the entrances of each queen already. So read on to see our first impressions…. of course, if you are waiting patiently to avoid spoilers then well good luck!

Aja ‘Ayo Sis’

Arriving in style via scooter is season nine queen ‘Aja.’ We are thrilled to see her included in the line up of All-stars. We loved her look on season nine and feel she deserves the chance to shine again. Whilst many feel its too soon to have a last season queen back so soon, she deserves a second chance to shine so, for this reason, we thought her entrance look was sleek yet creative = TOOT

Chi Chi Devayne

The queen of swampsville is back bitches, her entrance look has stepped up from the trashbag style we saw in season eight. We certainly are looking forward to what Chi Chi brings to the competition and can’t wait to see her showing off those dance moves like she did in season 8! For the outfit we’ll give her a TOOT, because she certainly has polished her look she resembles a ray of sunshine compared to the disheveled storm cloud that was her entrance look on her season.


Kennedy Davenport

What can be declared queen of lipsyncs, this queen is fierce and looks like she is ready to slay! The tiny segment we see her talent show is jaw-dropping, she really is going to break a bone one day. Just look at Ru and Michelle’s faces…the reactions cement what we all think. Similar to her ‘Death becomes her’ runway look it was a little bit too much and confusing. Whilst she looks glam in her disco ball realness look… its a BOOT from us, because there’s just too much going on in that look.

Shangela ‘Halleooo’

Guess whos back, back again… Halleoooo. Back for the third time loveable Shangela appeared in usual Shangela fashion… jumping out of a box. However this time the box has upgraded to a Tiffany style jewelry box. This queen has certainly stepped up her game and improved her style, we’re super intrigued to see how she progresses this time around. This look we 100%= TOOT


Trixie Mattel ‘That’s how I roll….’

Okay, let’s be honest it is no secret that we here are 1000% team Trixie. So we don’t want to be biased. But that entrance was everything, full of comedy and glamour mirroring classic 80/90’s Barbie couture. We also are super excited to see how Trixie is seen playing her autoharp for the talent show segment, we can’t wait for those who perhaps disregard Trixie as just a comedy queen to see how fantastic her look is and how shes sharpened her game….bitches beware….oohhh honeyyy. Of course, we are going to TOOT our favorite women.


Morgan McMichaels ‘ Not bad for a dead bitch’

Somewhat overlooked its good to see a season two queen return to compete, this bitch has come to play. The 15-minute preview saw Morgan in competition mode straight away her one line ‘Not bad for a dead bitch’ references her past feud with season two winner Tyra Sanchez. She will be one to watch but will she secretly be a dark horse? Morgan is quite iconic and her entrance look is at the same time fierce yet classy, so we give her a TOOT.

Thorgy Thor

Whilst we LOVE Thorgy and are so happy to see her brought back we weren’t feeling her entrance look. We hope she does well in the competition, her wig resembled that of a Christmas tinsel wig. She’s a fierce queen who has some fantastic looks, but this look is a BOOT from us.

Ben De La Creme

Ben was robbed of top four in season six, so to bring her back is the correct thing to be done. Arriving back in her miss congeniality finale look, ready to pick up where she left off is a great metaphor for her game. Her showgirl esque will be interesting to see what she brings to the competion this time around. The hair and cuteness of her entrance get a TOOT from us.


Milk another overlooked queen from season six, who can forget her crazy unconventional runway looks such as facial hair, pregnancy and a suit. So to see her entrance look keeping to that theme shows he’s keeping it to his aesthetic. We feel he’s going to talk about being unconventional alot during the competition but will be intruging to see what will be brought to the show. Honestly we don’t want to toot or boot as we actually can’t come to an agreement….



And of course, the mystery 10th queen is yet to be announced, social media has speculated countless queens, however, we must wait that little bit patiently. So from the entrances and first sneak clips, we most certainly are in for a treat…. after last years All Stars it has a lot to live up to….party.

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