Okay to go..An Open Letter to Brian McCook

Dear Brian,

With difficulty I will try to represent a collective…being just one person with one distinct way of thinking is often a very hazardous pitfall waiting to happen when trying to represent a (much larger) group. I think you would probably know that yourself, being a person in the spotlight representing a variety of marginalized communities (a burden you take on very graciously). In the same manner, I wish to do my best to communicate the outpouring of love and support you have received from a variety of individuals from all around the world who love and admire you and your work since your decision to step away from your career for a while to regain your health and inner peace, and do it in the most succinct and compassionate manner possible.

The main message I think we would all like to portray is: Thank you.
Thank you for being so beautifully authentically yourself and unapologetically expressing your idiosyncrasies so transparently and consistently within your art. Thinking of how much this has changed my perspective and the perspective of the many other fans of yours I have talked to over the last week (in terms of this unique outlook inspiring us into mapping our own eccentricities anew into our outward embodiment of ourselves, rather than subjecting ourselves to the repression many of us have been so used to dealing with throughout our lives), I am overwhelmed by the gratitude I have for you and your art (in the form of your drag persona, Katya) leaping into my life at the moment which it did. This is not only because it allowed me the agency to find my own unique form of self-expression, but because it helped me connect with so many like-minded people who took the same message from what you do. The message of self-liberation.

You set us free, Brian. You have been a vessel of deliverance for such wonderful tools, which we can use to navigate this often conformist world with our heads held high, hand in hand with other aliens we wouldn’t know existed if it weren’t for you.

Thank you for being so honest this whole journey. Honest about your struggles and the trials and tribulations you have endured and continue to endure. There are not the words to describe the respect we all collectively feel for what you have overcome, and the way in which you accept and face your problems head-on and quite often with a smile, a laugh or a joke. Walking away is never easy, but you have done so with your head held high, bravely facing the struggle at hand rather than battling silently and keeping it a secret. You have done what not many are courageous enough to do: you have done what is right FOR YOU. We are WITH YOU. We are sad to say goodbye for now, but we are HAPPY to see you do what is right for you, because you, and you alone, have done so much for so many, and you deserve this time for you. It’s a time to rest, a time to heal…a chapter to just simply be, and do as you need to do for you and you alone. We are with you, in whatever you choose to do. Not in a crazy fan way…think of us like the gigantic, supportive friend, there only if you need us or want us to be. Like Totoro in that anime movie (if you don’t know the one, you should look it up – you might find it comforting!). We will help you heal as you have helped us heal.

So…I think all I can say, on behalf of everyone who calls themselves a fan of yours is: Brian, we are here if you need us, but don’t worry about us. You’ve done so much for us, now rest.

You’re ok to go.

Love and light. You are always in our hearts.
From, Your fanbase.

#welovekatya…#welovebrianmccook ❤


DIgD_8UXcAEB4ThContributed by Frilly 

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