Things that made us go UNHhhh in 2017

2017 has been incredible not only for drag but us drag fans. We’ve had unforgettable season 9 one-liners who could forget ‘You’re gorgeous, you’re perfect, you look like Linda Evangelista you’re a model.’

We’ve had some phenomenal tours, the first UK drag convention in August presented by MJR presents. Been to countless amazing Holy Trannity events and met our idols. But another plus for dragadventures besides meeting our fave queens is gaining an incredible drag family.

We reached out to the fantastic drag community out there to hear you’re favorite moments of 2017… things that made us all go UNHhhh.

Starting with our future All-Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel here’s a fantastic story from Keith “Mine happened when my cousin surprised me with a meet and greet ticket for Trixie at OMG Sheffield. After her iconic “Read you, wrote you” number everyone went wild shouting quotes from UNHhhh by both Trixie and Katya.

948AC9A5-A73E-4B42-8A26-F8930E329DC4.jpegTrixie heard mine and got me on stage. Being on stage, in a handmade “Oh honey” t-shirt and having Trixie praise it was one of the best moments of my life. She was also super sweet in the m&g.”

The gorgeous Molly got to meet her queen Courtney Act again, Dragtech had a great line up. But for Molly, it was her favorite girl from oz.


A lot of us can agree that having a set of friends who love drag is the best gift. This year both myself and Bine met on twitter due to our love of Adore Delano. We then became besties with our beloved Annie, who formed the ‘Adoricorns’ since then and because of them, I’ve been able to see my favorite queens and travel the UK.

Of course, without my German unicorn, I would never have been able to meet my favorites without her calming me down or taking some of the most awesome photos at meet and greets. We’ve started a site that we are both so proud of. This year we can’t wait to kick start 2018 with our country girl Miss Trixie Mattel.

The best bit has been the spontaneous way we’ve met our new group of best friends. Haus of Gaywave was born in Manchester. We all stayed in the same hotel, was cool, calm and collected seeing the queens check into our hotel.

Watching Trixie Mattel out of drag eating pizza opposite us was insane. The next morning we had a meet and greet breakfast- literally. Having Raja, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Aja, and Robbie Turner saying Good Morning and see you later were the most surreal moments ever.

This summer we were treated to a new album from Miss Adore Delano! It’s fair to say she has delivered a very large amount of happy moments to many fans this year.

Emilie shares her encounter during Dragworld. “I’ve loved Adore since before she was even on drag race cause I used to watch her YouTube channel. Everyone knew how much I loved her. I got an m&g ticket to meet her at Dragworld and was freaking out. I was supposed to meet her on a Sunday afternoon, but she had no merch so at one point in the morning she came to her table and I ran to the line and got really close to the front.

So, when I walk up she immediately hugs me and goes ‘oh gorgeous eyes and you’re gorgeous!’ Then she starts rubbing my arm and she’s like ‘omg I love this coat! It’s everything I look for when I shop, the texture everything. You look so rock!’ We then we sit chatting and take selfies.

I was shaking so they’re blurry but she’s pouting next to me then kisses my cheek and I’m like internally freaking out. I got her to sign a ticket for me and my friend Shannon, my mum filmed the whole thing. I was so starstruck though and I worried about how quiet I was after!

Later at the m&g I walk up and she’s like “Hiii you again!” and hugs me. I gave her presents and a drawing I made for her and she goes ‘Omg you made this last night??? That’s amazing, I can’t even draw stick people!’

So, we take a photo and she hugs me and because we were like the same height, whilst she’s hugging me I go ‘so you love my jacket?’ she literally goes “YEA MAN” (So Adore). I started taking it off and went ‘Inwant to give you it’ and she went ‘NOOO!’ Like so excited and then we started arguing back and forth about me giving her it.


Then she grabbed my shoulders and hugged me so tightly and whispered to me ‘You looked so stunning when you walked up to me that I cannot take that jacket off of you, it’s amazing and looks amazing on you. I promise I have a similar one at home and I love this, but I just cannot take this from you.’ Then she literally stares into my eyes and goes ‘I love you so much.’ Some people started clapping and I swear I’ve never since cried as much as I did then walking away. ”

Our next story is another Adore Delano, however, this is coming from the mother/head of the Adore crew Miss Rebecca Cave. Fair to say she has brought plenty of people together through meeting up, giving wise words and the recent memory t-shirt and scarf. “I swear it’s so hard to come up with a moment, but for this, I’m gonna go with presenting the Adore’s Stories scarf.

That entire night at OC Pride was so special, but all the love that went into creating that scarf, the way she ran away from me because she got emotional & accused me of trying to make her cry, the hug afterward, those were such precious moments.


But beyond that, the scarf brought so many people together and has created friendships across the world. It’s humbling to have been able to have such an impact just because I figured out how to let Adore wear our stories.”

We’re not crying you are! We look forward to making 2018 an even better chapter in the drag story book.

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  1. Love you my besties 💕💞💕 so excited for this year and all the fun we are going to have fangirling over our beautiful queens. Your blog is just going to get bigger and better, i’m so proud and love you both.


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