2018… We’re coming for you!

Drag is becoming more popular and accessible for fans of all ages reaching them via through the shows, social media or TV. Fans have so much to look forward to in 2018 such as huge UK tours, All-Stars 3 and of course entering the tenth season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’

So, if you’re unsure about what’s going on in 2018 or want to know the most anticipated moments to come next year check out below…


The year begins with the highly anticipated third season of the popular show. The wait was over in October with a ru-veal from RuPaul announcing the next set competing for All-stars. The new cast was heavily rumored from the get-go, with the majority of the competitors expected. We at Dragadventures aren’t biased at all with who we want to win… *oh honey #teamtrixie*


2.RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10

Now in its tenth year, the season returns with season 9 contestant Eureka O’ Hara after being told to leave last year on health grounds. Apart from that, the line up is unknown, but the excitement to see new queens, new untucked, and catchphrases are building.

3.Trixie Mattel ‘Moving Parts’ UK tour

Our Barbie girl and (All stars winner) we mean All-stars 3 competitor will take her ‘Moving parts’ tour on the UK road. Heading to nine cities up and down the UK with more added dates, it’s a sold-out affair proving how loved miss Mattel is. Catch us at the Liverpool show decked out in pink, trying not to say ‘Oh Honey.’

4.Katya Zamolodchikova ‘Help Me I’m Dying’ UK tour

The bright red scare with the long blonde hair, makes her way to UK shores with her debut one-woman show ‘Help Me I’m Dying.’ The tour sold out quickly with added London dates. The show is set to highlight Katya’s quirky, weird but wise words on to her beloved fans. Recent social media posts have give us sneak peeks of videos being filmed. From peasantry to of game of thrones esque, UK fans are looking to be in for a treat! We will be at the London gig looking cool, calm and collected.. at least Bine will be!

5. Sharon Needle ‘Battleaxe’ UK tour

The new music fans have been waiting for was released this year, ‘Battleaxe’ was an astounding album. Next year sees Sharon take to the UK stage performing an hour-long performance of tracks from ‘Battle-axe.’ We personally cannot wait to hear our favourite track ‘Braindead.’

6.RuPaul’s Dragcon LA 2018

Now in its third year, there’s no doubt RuPaul’s Dragcon has grown not only in popularity but by numbers, an astounding 40,000 people attended this year’s LA dragcon. The event which hosts an array of queens and of course the majority of queens that partook in the show. Fans get a chance to see panels and Q&A’s, also queen mama Ru will be there hosting the weekend fun.

7.The Adore 2018 tour

Adore made some pretty big hints on social media. Taking to her lives on Instagram she kept warning the UK ‘How sick you guys are going to be seeing my face so much’ or ‘I should really get a flat in the UK I’m going to be there so much.’ Well, she was right taking to the UK shores in May with a LIVE band. Us fans are incredibly lucky to be able to watch what will be arguably no doubt an amazing show.


8.  Bianca Del Rio – World Tour

Everyones favorite clown is touring everywhere next year, arguably one of the most hardworking queens, Bianca can be seen in practically every country! This year saw Bianca host a number of tours including comedy queens, her own tour ‘Not today Satan’ and of course the filming of Hurricane Bianca 2… phew!

9. Hurricane Bianca 2

Which leads us nicely to the  highly anticipated sequel to Hurricane Bianca, Hurricane Bianca 2 from Russia with hate. Filming was wrapped up last month. The plot is unclear for now but with Bianca confirming Katya Zamolodchikova will play her love interests, fans are guessing it will center around… Russia?

10.Drag world UK 2018

After the resounding success of the first UK convention, Dragworld is back no doubt bigger and better than ever. Early bird weekend tickets were released in October with many queens, panels, and performances to be announced. If you didn’t attend last year we strongly recommend getting tickets! Was one of the best weekends of this year and rounded the day off with a glamorous drag ball. The ball had a fantastic line up of Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon, Violet Chacki, Ginger Minj, Charlie Hides and special guest appearance from Bible Girl 666- who we adore.


If there’s anything you feel should be included or something fun is happening in your country leave a comment below!

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