Top 10 Drag YouTube content you need to watch.

Winter is definitely coming. If we looked out the windows those last days, all we saw was grey skies and drizzling rain, paired with temperaturest that made us want to grab a cup of coffee, wrap ourselves in a blanket and not leave the couch ever again.

So what do you do when you can’t be bothered to leave the house? Right – you grab your phone/tablet/computer and make use of your wi-fi. Here at Team DragAdventures we not only love listening to your fave Queens’ music, we also often binge-watch YouTube videos featuring all things Drag.

So welcome to the stage, our Top 10 of Drag-related YouTube content. Of course, the list is based on personal opinions and also there are far more than 10 items that could (and should go into this list).

If you have some additions to make, feel free to comment and share!

  1. Willam Belli – Beatdown

     After getting kicked off RuPaul’s Drag Race, Willam didn’t sit at home with her hands in her lap, pouting about not getting that crown. No, she went on to make herself known in the www and has been captivating her audience ever since (I mean, I’m a pretty hardcore Willam fan myself so consider me a bit (ok, a lot) biased but still, Miss Belli combines everything a winner needs). I’m sure most Drag Race fans know her songs like RuPaulogize or Boy is a bottom.

    But have you seen her Beatdown videos? If not, grab a bowl of popcorn, bring a sweater and buckle up because it’s going to be a ride. There are 4 Seasons of the Beatdown so far and in each video, Willam watches YouTube videos. In true Willam-fashion, she looks gorgeous while doing it and doesn’t hold back on the comments. One of my favorite moments is her reading “famous” YouTubers to filth (for example, glitterforever17), when they try doing make-up using nail polish (yes, you read that right).

         Willam Belli Bonus:  Paint me bitch (PMB)

Image Source: YouTube

Another really cool YouTube Series starring Willam Belli is “Paint me Bitch”, where Miss Belli gets her face painted by different guests – there is a PMB with MUAs like Mathu Anderson or Michaela Gottmik, but you should also watch Bianca del Rio making over Willam to help her “show her true self”seriously, go watch it but don’t blame me if you fall off your chair because you’re laughing as hard as I did)..

2. Courtney Act – The Courtney Chronicles

Image Source: YouTube.

Our fave Girl from Oz has a pretty impressing YouTube presence as well. On her channel, of course you can find some gorgeously done music videos, but you should also check out the Courtney Chronicles series. In those videos, Miss Act takes her audience behind the scenes of different gigs she’s done with her fellow queens (for example Adore Delano and Bianca del Rio). I personally loved getting a sneak peak of the shenanigans on tours, even if it involved seeing Adore Delano falling to the floor while she tries to crowdsurf.

3. Alaska Thunderfuck – The Aftershow

Image Source: YouTube.

Have you ever wondered what the Queens do after finishing their performances? Alaska takes her subscribers backstage after the gig and just turns on the camera for about 5 – 10 minutes. So the viewers get a very intimate insight about what happens after the Queens leave the stage, this could be some bantering with Sharon Needles or just Alaska eating a burrito on her hotel bed while still being in drag – you never know, but it’s always funny and cute to watch.

4. Adore Delano/Danny Noriega – Angel Baby Videos

Image Source: YouTube.

Before becoming  famous as Adore Delano, Danny Noriega already had gained YouTube fame with his videos. Some of the most popular ones feature Angel Baby, Noriega’s Chola alter ego who will teach you how to “cook a fast meal for the homegirls” or also how to carve a fabulous halloween pumpkin.Unfortunately, Angel Baby is stuck in jail for stealing a Maybelline Mascara and it’s not likely for her to be released soon – still, her videos will never cease to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day.
P.S. If you are an Adore Delano fan like us, you should read the articles about her birthday tour.

5. Jaymes Mansfield – Easy Drag Queen Tutorials


Source: YouTube.

Season 9 contestant Jaymes Mansfield teaches her subscribers many useful skills, for example, you can find various sew-alongs to create your own drag garderobe or if you’d rather know how to style a wig, she’s got you covered. She takes you through it step by step and explains it very thouroughly so if you’re still looking for a DIY-project for the holidays, we recommend you have a look at her channel.

6. Sugarpill Cosmetics – Sugarpill Showdown

Image Source: YouTube.

If you love colourful make-up (let’s face it, we need some colours in our life especially if they are filled with boring adulting stuff like mine is about to be) you need to check out Sugarpill’s YouTube channel. In the Showdown videos, queens like Aja, Farrah Moan or KimChi go up against Autumn, one of Sugarpill’s own, and create a look based on eyeshadow colours they pick at random. Go watch it and add some colour to your day!

7. HeyQweenTV

Image Source: YouTube.

HeyQween is a talk show hosted by Johnny McGovern and Lady Red Couture. They have a different guest for every episode and after the interview part, there’s always time for a game of „Look at Huh“, where Johnny and Lady Red have their respective guest react to photos of their fellow queens, a game which often  results in praise (watch Katya and Trixie talk about Adore) but can also lead to some serious shade-throwing.

8. Lucy Garland

Image Source: YouTube.

Another Girl from Oz is Lucy Garland, whose videos show her transforming herself into our favourite Queens like Trixie Mattel, Adore Delano or Sasha Velour, to name a few. She’s a very skilled artist and leaves her viewers in awe with each new video she puts out. She’s also done a Drag Make-up 101 on her channel, so if you’re an aspiring Baby Queen or just want to know how to cover your eyebrows without looking like you used mashed potatoes, you should definitely check out her channel.

9. Todrick Hall

Image Source: YouTube.

Todrick Hall is not only a YouTuber – he also performs on Broadway, sings, writes songs, dances – you could say he knows how to do pretty much everything. I first got to know him through his parody videos of famous Disney Songs (because Todrick is also a lover of the famous mouse franchise). My personal favourites are Mary Poppin (dem pills) and Beauty and the Beat Boots, but you should check out all of them. Also, on his YouTube channel, you can find your fave Queens like Courtney Act or Willam Belli slaying (or sometimes failing 😉 at challenges Todrick throws at them. And if you want to see Todrick as the White Rabbit nearly running over Alice (aka Willam) in WeHo traffic, go watch the City of Weho’s PSA video about texting in traffic.

10. World of Wonder (WoWpresents) – Besties for Ca$h, Bro’Laska, Alyssa’s Secret, Ring my Bell, Let the music play … (Honestly, everything on their channel)

Image Source: YouTube.

Let’s face it, the last (but not least) item on this list would have to be the whole content range of the World of Wonder network, which by now probably every viewer (and fan) of RPDR knows and loves. For this specific Top 10 let’s talk about the format Besties/Couples for Ca$h, a series of videos where two friends or couples have to answer questions about each other and for each correct answer they get $10. Those videos feature Queens like Courtney Act and her long-time bestie Vanity Faire (also knows as wigsbyvanity and loved by many for her hilarious and candid instagram stories), as well as Alaska and her brother Cory and of course Katya and Trixie, just to name a few.

Also let’s not forget the exciting news that all of Adore Delano’s fans got recently when her and Chris Crocker took to Instagram to announce that they just filmed their own episode of Besties for Ca$h.

Team DragAdventures can’t wait for this one to come out because we know it will be hilariously perfect and we might even consider getting a WoWpresents+ account just to watch it.

Of course, there are more incredibly good video (series) on their channel, so you should just start with one of them and then chances are you will fall into a binge-watching marathon and to be honest, we are exactly the same so no judgements here.

So, there you have it, squirrel friends, a personal Top 10 of Drag-related YouTube content for dark winter afternoons when the blues hits you.
Of course, like we said in the beginning, this are some of our personal favorites  and we would love to hear your comments on the drag-related content you love to watch. We might even do a part 2 with your suggestions!
But before we finish this one, let’s take a minute to add another runner-up to the competition, a very special item that is like one of those mushrooms that give you another life in Mario Kart, yes, we’re talking about Trixie and Katya’s web series that they starred in before becoming famous and getting their own TV show. Of course you know what we’re talking about (and we do this because it’s our blog and our Top 10 list and not yours 😉 – it’s UnHhhhhhh. In case you’ve never heard of this series or even if you just want to remember it because it was so good, you’re lucky – we got two related articles up on this blog.

See you next time!

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