Heels Of Hell: A slice of heaven

This Halloween we chose to spend two nights traveling to celebrate all things ooky spooky with our favorite line up of queens. The show which was put on by Holy Trannity met our expectations and more. We’ve never been to a Holy Trannity show so wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would go about in terms of our VIP mix and mingle. Remember we had a terrible VIP experience at Comedy Queens so was dubious on how this would turn out. I must say this whole experience is one of the best we’d attended. The mix and mingle was incredibly organized, we met each queen and never once felt rushed to stop talking to them or moved along.

The show itself was mind-blowing, not only did they have a fantastic line up of Trixie Mattel, Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon. We also had Alaska 5000, Courtney Act and Willam performing as the AAA girls. Opening with a medley of Halloween songs lip-synced by UK queens, it was the perfect setting to begin the Halloween theme.

Let the show begin

The AAA girls made their entrance with opening number ‘AAA’ being a super girl group, they then proceeded to treat the crowd to a medley of much-loved girl group classics. Each member of the group had their solo segments, which was great to see them showcase their talent. Courtney came out Britney Spears-esque complete with red latex catsuit serving Britney realness, whilst performing ‘Oops I did it again.’ Willam had serious skills singing whilst on a hoverboard and interacting with the crowd making it look like it was super easy. And beloved Alaska showcased Sharon Needles realness in London dressed in Sharon’s season four finale look whilst singing ‘This is a Haunted House’ met with enthusiastic applause.

Trixie Mattel did what she does; best comedy and playing guitar with a fantastic Halloween medley of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ Decked out in a skeleton jumpsuit it was awesome to see her out of her usual Barbie aesthetic. Trixie got the crowd going eventually once they realized what the songs were after she cried out ‘You guys are supposed to be British’ watching Trixie perform you can’t take your eyes off her, she engages a crowd from the get-go. We later saw Mattel back out dueting with Courtney performing ‘Ugly.’

Jinkx Monsoon treated fans to an array of songs, lip-syncs and new song ‘Cartoons and Vodka’ from her upcoming and very anticipated album ‘Ginger snapped.’ This queen has a set of pipes that leave people open-mouthed, again her humor between songs is what makes her so well loved.

Queen Of  Halloween

Seeing all the queens not only enjoy themselves but having fun together by dueting with one another was great to see. The London show was fantastic, but the Glasgow show blew us away the crowds played well to the queens making for a better atmosphere. If that wasn’t great enough we witnessed something special, Trixie Mattel and Sharon Needles performing ‘Call Me on The Ouija Board’ acoustic was the highlight of the evening.

Sharon Needles dubbed ‘Queen of Halloween’ ended her the show with a setlist of fan-favorite songs, starting her set in true Needles fashion – appearing out of a personalized coffin. But what is fantastic about Sharon is she doesn’t hold back, something some people have issues with. Okay she can be controversial, but it is this that we need, a strong voice unafraid of speaking out against the masses. Like it or not she’s a role model more than most people think, she tells young fans to take in the world more, to stand up for themselves and make a difference. Whilst being the queen of spooky this queen has a heart and cares about her fans hence why her speeches are so poignant, she wants them to be educated and away from phone and computer screens.

If Holy Trannity popped on a show like this again I urge you to go, you will not be disappointed. Overall fantastically ran, great line up and fantastic production values, not to mention value for money.

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