From Drag Queen To Idols..

kaGuest post by Tatiana Instagram: bigapplehead

“Katya saved my life”

Maybe you’ve heard or read those words a hundred times. But, have you ever thought ‘Why? ‘or ‘How?’

I mean, ‘How did this weird and beautiful drag queen save so many lives?” and “Why does she bring so much happiness to lots of people?’

I don’t know if I can be able to answer those two questions for you, but at least I can try. I want to try.

Katya Zamolodchikova is one of those people who have that “X” factor in them, she’s one of those amazing human beings who touch lives and make them better every single day. Maybe I’m exaggerating things here, but I can say these kinds of words about her because she did change my life and she did save me.

I met Katya for the first time (and after I started following her since season 7 of Drag Race) on March 10th, two days after my 23rd birthday. I can’t remember much about it because I felt like it was a dream or something like that. But one of the very few things I remember is that Katya cured my soul with hugs and kisses in one day. She’s so unique and so down-to-earth with her fans. She makes us feel special… each one of us.

And she made me feel special, like if I was the only fan that showed up to the m&g. Like if I was the one who paid for all the m&g tickets for that night.

“You came in the right moment, you know?” I told her with a very shaky voice because I was about to cry at any moment, to be honest. “Oh, really? Why?” she asked with that beautiful smile on her face that can take your breath away, literally.

“You came to save me”

All I can remember at that exact moment is Katya giving me a strange look. I was really afraid to scare her, so I started telling her my story very carefully, trying to not freak her out (we all know how uncomfortable those “you saved my life” moments can be) and I told her the real and deep meaning of my tattoo. And then, something happened… Katya at first put on a serious face, but then she touched my arm very softly and after two seconds she proceeds to tell me, “I’m so glad you did not do what you tried to do. Stay safe and strong. I love you” and finally, she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. At that moment I was trying SO HARD to not start crying like a baby (seriously, it was really hard) but I felt like a big weight was off my body… and I felt loved… and I felt safe.

I have to say, I was… uhm… how do you say this?


Yeah, that.

Because I knew Katya doesn’t take m&g so “serious” (and that’s why we love her, right?) but I was glad she took the time to say those words in such a loving and caring way…

And after a whole lot of hugs and kisses (one on the mouth because she wanted to suck my soul, apparently) it was time to say goodbye so I told her the most sincere “thank you” I could ever have told to anyone and she just gave me the last hug and told me “thank YOU”; one last beautiful smile and that was it. I left the m&g as a whole new person…


I was happy. Like, truly happy.

But, obviously, I cried like a damn baby after all that happened.

Anyway, Katya showed me it is easy to be empathetic with another human being without even trying. She reminded me why I admire her so much and she did more than saving my life that night…

Katya is everything you ask for in an idol.

Katya is my little piece of heaven… and I’m here to love her no matter what.

Katya is my angel on earth, an angel who brings nothing but happiness and love to my life every day.

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