Sharon Needles: Not just a spooky face

Guest contributor TIMG_3928witter@reigningneedles

The first time I heard Battle Axe the song, I was very surprised. I’ll be very honest and say that when it comes to Ru Girl music, Sharon isn’t the first one I look for, not because her music isn’t good, but because the kind of music I like or am personally drawn to isn’t really her style (At least, this was the case for her PG-13 album). I love very pop sounds, fast beats, and sprinkles of mainstream hip-hop beats and elements here and there.

So I was so surprised when I heard Battle Axe because it was a straight up dance track and I fell in love with the song immediately! Sharon is really out here showing the judges versatility. Then I heard the next 2 songs, Andy Warhol is Dead and 666, and I was immediately taken by both songs. I knew this album was going to be completely different from her first two.


But that’s what I love about all 3 of her albums, none of them sound like each other, but are still so on brand for Sharon Needles. She breathed such different lives into all 3 of her albums. I will never stop raving about the percussions of the Battle Axe album. I love how upbeat she went with a lot of the songs.

My personal favorite album is still Taxidermy, only because I love her lyrics in the songs there more. But I love the sounds and melodies of both albums equally. Also, the overall color and feel of the album is too different to really compare.

Sharon’s famous drag race entrance @reigningneedles

I love Sharon because I find her one of the most brilliant and intelligent minds of our time. I love that she never does anything ‘just because’ and there is always a reason for anything she says, does, presents, or puts out. I admire the juxtaposition of her ‘beautiful, spooky, and stupid’ characterization of Sharon Needles during her performances, compared to her interviews or talks, where her intelligence shines forward.

I think her art and performances are relevant. And I love her because of how beautiful a person she is, inside and out. And she always inspires me to be as genuinely kind a person as she is. Especially right now in a world where there is so much hate.

@reigningneedles gorgeous fan art

To me, what makes her different from other queens is that there are so many layers to Sharon Needles. She isn’t just a two-dimensional person or personality. There is so much more to her, and each time I peel away a new layer, and discover something, the more I love her. She’s very complex and I like that you can’t just explain what makes her interesting and lovable simply. It takes as many sentences as the layers you peel away to put into words how incredible Sharon is.

The Battle Axe album was such a surprise, a very happy surprise and I think she did an amazing job on it. Each song still represented her very well. Her lyrics are still so smart, cheeky, and packed with pop and sub pop culture information. And I appreciate her trying new sounds on her songs. They’re all so addicting to listen and definitely an album you can put on loop.

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