Making Memories


This lovely contribution was sent to us by Rebecca. Twitter: @RebUCLAwriter

I had a tough time convincing myself to get out and start going to drag shows at first, so I decided I wanted to create something that would help encourage me to get out, meet new people, and have fun. So I came up with the idea of a memories shirt. I dragged up the lyrics to My Favorite Things from the sound of music, though I’ve found that trying to explain “when the read stings” to queens who’ve had a couple drinks doesn’t work too well…

The intent of this shirt is not just to collect Ru girls signatures in order to show off or anything like that. The first handful of signatures were from people I’d met through social media. When I meet my mutuals I ask them to sign. If I have a conversation with someone at a drag event I ask them to sign. If I meet a local queen at an opportune time I ask her to sign. I have a fair number of Ru girls as well, but each signature has a story, has meaning, and I cherish each of the memories I’ve made with this shirt.

Rebecca’s memories t-shirt

A few queens have said it’s the best shirt ever! Several local queens have been so excited because it was the first time anyone had ever asked them to sign something! One, who had her mom with her, asked me to ask her to sign it a second time so her mom could film it. She also added her drag mother’s name, a local queen who had passed suddenly a few weeks before, and it was a beautiful moment shared between us, and both of our moms who were there with us! After the next 4 weeks, I may even need to add some fabric to this shirt because I’ll be meeting so many queens and mutuals!

Fear holds us back a lot in life. I’ve gone to quite a few drag shows alone, but I’ve also found friends and have my mom who enjoys going to shows with me sometimes. So if you want to go to an event but are a bit scared why not make your own Memories Shirt? Allow it to help you step outside your comfort zone and just have fun!

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