P.A.Y- Project Adore Yourself

Inspired by the love and positivity that is Adore; I decided to start a self-love campaign. I wanted to be someone who helped others realizes their beauty and worth. So I started Project Adore Yourself. It was originally just me sending out little letters or cards with a handmade gift to the members. But as it grew I decided we should share that love with its inspiration, Adore.


I decided to create a book of love filled with all the members of P.A.Y., so I asked them all 2 questions. 1. How has Adore/Danny changed your life? & 2. What do you love about yourself? I then asked them all to send me the answers with a picture holding a sign that said “I Adore Me” in their native language. As I was beginning to learn more about the members, I saw just how amazingly talented these girls were.

So I decided that Adore needed to see the beauty that they had inspired. Within the book, I included paintings, drawings, digital art and makeup looks that were all inspired by Adore.

And because they are such a huge part of my heart, I wanted to show just a little bit more love to finish out the book. So each member also included a photo of them creating a “heart” and the words “My heart” were added in over 13 different languages.

Adore Delano is the epitome of love. She has this way of making you feel so incredibly special with just a smile. She hugs all the worries away and when she looks into your eyes, it’s like she’s looking into your heart and reminding you that you are love. No matter how many times I’ve stood in the meet and greet line waiting to say hi and give them a hug, there are ALWAYS butterflies!!

But the minute I see that smile and feel that hug, I’m on cloud nine. Adore always makes me feel like I am the only person in the room and that the only thing that matters is what is happening with us at that very moment. I love Adore with all my heart and can’t wait until the next time we are the only ones in the room

Written by Guest contributor: Aimee (Twitter:@MermaidforAdore)

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