Adore Delano: Birthday Party Week Is Here

The month many UK Adore Delano fans have been waiting for is finally here. The birthday tour has kicked off in style to celebrate the stars upcoming birthday this Friday.

Adore_Delano_After_Party (1)

Adore’s birthday tour will see the debut of new single “Negative Nancy” as well as songs from the new album “Whatever.” The hint of a tour for the album is set for next year which will feature a live band making for a huge rock debacle.

The album has become a commercial success after the release of “Negative Nancy” the change of direction was to be a shock to many fans.

Still from Adore Delano’s ‘Negative Nancy’

The long-awaited tour then followed the hotly anticapted album. After the success of her last two albums ‘Till Death Do Us Party’ and After Party’ the anticipation for the album was at its height, however, Adore had warned fans that this was to be no longer the party era fans have been used to. The lead-up to the album saw Adore release a stunning batch of photo shots which saw her blur the lines of gender by photographing in boy drag. The shot featured her in no top, baggy jeans, long black wig which went on to be the main poster of the promotion.

Though slightly worried no one would like the new sound, it was something stated she needed to do. This was not the case as the release of “Whatever” debuted in the top 10 in the UK and US in the alternative charts. A remarkable success for the star as acceptance of drag queens in the music industry is slowly changing.

Appearing in Drag world UK’s music panel the topic turned to the topic of mainstream music and drag queens. Many queens they aren’t taken seriously due to them being men in dresses when the reality is they have created a character like other musicians. They have an aesthetic no different than when David Bowie created Ziggy Stardust. The music created by these stars are incredibly good and deserve more recognition by the industry.

Adore on the music panel during Dragworld UK

We can tell everyone how good Adore’s new album is, but the sold-out shows and growing fan base speaks for itself. If you’re reading this and still haven’t listened to ‘Whatever’ yet it is, of course, available on Itunes to purchase. You won’t regret listening to it, prepare to have your mind blown and your inner teenage angst released.

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