Dragged Up: Gaining a Drag Family

Drag has become more than just a TV show for many people. Myself became hooked on the show and none of my friends liked it/understood it. I dreamt of meeting Sharon Needles and to be able to go to Dragworld with a group of actual friends. I would never have thought I’d encounter the experiences I now have because of these little group of besties.

But you also encounter people you wouldn’t necessarily talk to in everyday life,  in particular people of all ages. Twitter is the best tool to make new friends, Bine and I met through Annie who has gone on to become our drag mama who we love endlessly. We spoke for only one month before booking Adore Delano birthday tour tickets. This sounds silly considering I had never met them nor had I known them very well. But after that, we speak every day and check in at least once a day at least. The first time we met before Dragworld it was not weird it felt like a long lost family reunion, we had dinner and drinks and talked for hours. Dragworld was the best weekend together and we have so much fun ahead.

There have been acts of crazy for instance Bine FLIES from Germany for all drag shows and our first meeting was the most spontaneous. This means she’s either a) dedicated or b) crazy. Bine is a big Willam fan she’s always wanted to meet him, I’d feel bad as in the group chat with Annie we never really spoke of him. For me I never really followed him, season four for me was all about Sharon Needles. Our moment came to finally meet both our faves in one show, it seemed like fate. However, adulting got in the way and we couldn’t go. Forward to a week before the show and Bine met a girl through social media.

Die- Hard Diana…. meeter and greeter of Willam 18 times

Diana is a die-hard Willam fan, this girl has met him 18 times… mad! Finally, Bine had someone to fangirl about him with. They had been talking for one whole week before we decided to go to the gig and stay with her. This sounds so silly considering we hadn’t met her, but again all three of us met and it was so natural. Bine and I finally got to meet our faves and it was great.

First Drag Fam show

Since then the three of us have had day trips to London, gone on nights out and have more drag shows together. Again something as simple as drag can bring a group of unknowns together due to the bonding of understanding and love the whole process of drag; from Drag Race, the music, the shows, the meet and greets. The whole experience bonds you and it becomes separated from real life. Adulting involves a lot of things we sometimes do not want to do, drag is a bubble where you have your little family. They know what cheers you up, and actually probably know more about how you really feel and think then those most closest to you.

Of course, we all have differing opinions of what queen we like and silly crap that doesn’t matter. Due to these three ladies, I’ve been to places I wouldn’t have visited and met new people. That alone makes the money spent on shows 1000% worth it, always remember this; it’s better to do the things we want even if others don’t understand. Don’t look back when your old regretting you never went. So book that ticket and enjoy every minute, your money is being spent on something you love…. better than Starbucks and shoes…. Can I get an amen?

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